British Cars

I confess to having a long running passion for British sports cars. It started back in the seventies when I found myself fascinated with the Jaguar XKE. I was a Road & Track subscriber in those days and spent many hours leafing through the magazines dreaming of owning a cool car. It’s probable that I gravitated to the British cars because I had lived in England for 4 years during my youth and felt an inexplicable connection. Whatever the case, the attraction is there and it has always remained strong.

These pages are devoted to the cars I’ve owned or currently own and for good measure, several of the cars I would dearly love to own if I ever got filthy rich.

Jaguars – How do we define the Jaguar mystique? What is it that Jaguars have that other cars do not? Even people who are not generally interested in cars can immediately identify a Jaguar, new or old. Perhaps it is the rare combination of understated elegance and grace, a certain “presence” on the road. And perhaps one more thing: the continuity of design which makes the model year largely irrelevant. Annual design changes are for automobiles less confident of their place in the world.

The cabin of a Jaguar is unmistakable in this same confidence and elegance with it’s combination of fine wood, Connolly leather and accents of chrome. The Jaguar does not have as many toys inside as some other cars, but these items are generally superfluous in any case. When all is said and done, the Jaguar is a car which pleases the senses, and does so in a way that virtually no other automobile seems able to. Those of us who have Jaguars can attest that our cars simply make us feel good, whether driving, tinkering, polishing, or just staring at them.

Triumphs and MGs- Two of the marques that defined the Little British Car (LBC) designation. I have always liked the Triumphs more than the MGs although I’ve owned both. You would think that someone with the initials MG would have capitalized on the coincidence but it was not meant to be.

Lotus – A big player in the racing world, they also made some interesting road cars. I’ve never owned one but have always been intrigued by them. The Europa was a tiny little car with an unusual rear end design that housed the engine. The Super Seven was a marvelous bridge between the race car world and a drivable street car. They just look plain FUN!