Jaguar Tribute

I miss my Jaguar. It had a certain mystique about it that cannot be replaced by ordinary Detroit iron. What exactly do I mean by the Jaguar mystique? What is it that Jaguars have that other cars do not? Even people who are not generally interested in cars can immediately identify a Jaguar, new or old. Perhaps it is the rare combination of understated elegance and grace, a certain “presence” on the road. It’s hard to say, but when all is said and done, the Jaguar is a car which pleases the senses, and does so in a way that virtually no other automobile seems able to. Those of us who have (or had) Jaguars can attest that our cars simply make us feel good, whether driving, tinkering, polishing, or just staring at them.

I suppose this unquenchable desire has its roots back in the mid-seventies when I got my first LBC (little british car). I’ve forgotten exactly what drew me in the first place. It may have been high shool memories of John Zaun’s TR-6. Whatever the case, I found this navy blue 1967 Triumph TR-4A languishing in a dilapidated one-car detached garage out by Waukee, IA. Aahhh but that’s another story

I found my Jaguar in Kansas City. It had been well cared for and did not show it’s age or the 156,000 miles. I did have a few issues to work through but they were minor. I enjoyed entering the Jag in local car shows when the opportunity arose and always did quite well. We won several plaques and trophys for Best in Class. Perhaps most enjoyable were the events sponsored by the British Car Club of Iowa. During the summer the club would have monthly get togethers which consisted of a “drive” culminating in a final stop somewhere for fellowship and ice cream. Sometimes we would put on a little car show of our own to help sponsor a local business.

Yes, one day I think I shall acquire another LBC. I’ve always wanted an Aston Martin… like the one James Bond drove in Goldfinger.

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  1. I miss The Kitty too. I always had a sense of pride saying nonchalantly..”yeah, my dad has a Jaguar..yes I know this makes me awesome.” Cheers to the British and their automobiles.

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