My patience and trust in God has been rewarded. I found out this afternoon that I’ve been selected for the ITT position.

I get to start work on Monday, March 7th. The job title is Information Security Engineer with a heavy emphasis on network engineering and systems adminstration. I’ll actually be working for the Commmunications Systems Group which is part of the Systems Division.

The company website is here. More details as they become available….

4 thoughts on “Rewarded!

  1. Way to go, Matt! What a blessing! Thanks for your example in trusting the Lord ALL this time! 🙂

  2. Great news, Matt!
    Busy here, never worked any harder than I have the past few weeks, can’t keep up yet. Hope it lasts!! A little moderation wouldn’t hurt, but I need to be careful what I hope for. Again, congratulations!!

  3. Excellant Matt. I really enjoy following your families fortunes.

    Enjoy your evening.


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