My patience and trust in God has been rewarded. I found out this afternoon that I’ve been selected for the ITT position.

I get to start work on Monday, March 7th. The job title is Information Security Engineer with a heavy emphasis on network engineering and systems adminstration. I’ll actually be working for the Commmunications Systems Group which is part of the Systems Division.

The company website is here. More details as they become available….

What An Awesome Blessing!

I have been honored to be asked to work at Messenger International full time. After working on a volunteer project that the Lord brought to mind, helping to promote Lisa Bevere’s new Bible study curriculum, Kissed The Girls And Made Them Cry, and helping to get the Christmas cards out for the ministry, I am a full fledged employee. Wow! How awesome is that?! I have been asked to come on board to clean up the data as we migrate to a new software program this summer.

I cannot express how much I appreciate the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. I have prayed that the gospel would go out to all the corners of the earth for years and here I am supporting a family that takes it out on a regular basis to all the corners of the Earth!

I have been struck by the freedom God brings through the materials He has asked John and Lisa to write over the years. It has been personal for me from the time that I read
The Bait of Satan
almost 10 years ago to the new materials I am reading now. I have been healed as I read Kissed The Girls and have been able to share perspectives with Kristina that have truly made her think about the choices she makes. I highly recommend any of their books, tapes, or DVDs. You might check them out at

I so enjoy going to work, it’s like coming home after school. You hear the laughter, feel the love of your family, and feel so accepted. You can almost smell cookies baking! That would all be great but I also get to talk openly about what the Lord is doing in my life and be part of what God is doing in all our lives as well as what God is laying on the hearts of John and Lisa. It is just awesome to be there and be part of what God is doing! I have been changed and challenged to live at a higher level! God is so good! Oh, and did I mention that the drive to work is parallel along the Front Range? After about 15 minutes straight North on the Interstate, I have to turn and head right into the mountains to get to the most beautiful office building. My office looks out onto the mountains (the foothills start just across the street!) and gets sun almost all day, is that cool or what?! God is so good!

Job Opportunities – Update

Got some bad news the other day. The job offer I had with Booz Allen Hamilton (the one I got back in July that I’ve been waiting on) finally went down the tubes. The govt. ultimately decided not to fund the project. The thing about these “research” projects is they depend on discretionary funding and with the high operations tempo over in Iraq there is not alot available. This made me sad because it would have been an exciting project. But, on the other hand, I’ve gotten really tired of waiting and I’m glad to have a final line in the dirt.

There are several other possibilities in the works but most everyone agrees that nothing will happen until the first of the year. In the meantime I’ve been doing a little consulting work with Gilcrest Jewett Lumber (back in Iowa) upgrading their wide-area network and also taking a serious look at starting up an Internet-based business.

While researching my coffee hobby I realized there was a gap that I could fill. Everyone in the specialty coffee industry knows that freshness counts. Everyone knows that only your neighborhood coffee roaster, who sells a limited variety of beans roasted in small batches daily, can truly claim to offer fresh coffee. All that whole bean, vacuum-packed stuff at the supermarket is the result of large centralized roasting companies attempting to cut into the sales of the neighborhood roaster.

Yet, no one seems to be deliberately marketing these folks. So, I am building a website that will showcase the local Colorado Roasters and take orders for their products. I’ll let you know how it goes…

Job? What job? Who needs a stinking job anyway?

Patience…. Patience….. The good Lord seems to be testing me in this area as I continue to wait for a start date on my job. Yes, I really do have a job… I just don’t know when it will start.

I have accepted a written offer from Booz Allen Hamilton to join their organization. I am really excited about this opportunity because the firm is an exceptional company to work for and I think the cultural fit will be perfect.

The team I will be joining works with the US Air Force Space Warfare Center and the US Army Space and Missile Defense Command to develop geo-location tracking systems that provide situational awareness of the battlefield. These handheld devices use the Iridium satellite network and have been prototyped and tested to varying degrees. The immediate need is to transition these capabilities to real-world use in a truly operational environment.

What is holding up the show is lack of funding. As happens every year in the government, there are pots of money that do not get expended and these funds are redistributed as “year-end dollars” to worthy projects. We are hoping that our project will get some of these funds and my position can be added to the existing contract. If not I will probably have to wait until next years funding (Oct 1st).

So, in the meantime I am getting many things done around the house and getting a taste of what retirement might be like.