May Day and the Smashed Angel

May Day! Our lovely Daughter texts this AM, thanking us for great memories of May Days past. A time when we spent days creating gift baskets and leaving them for neighbors, family, and friends. جدول اليورو 2024 This May Day, I am not making May Day baskets, I am packing our house to head north. A bittersweet day, one filled with tear filled goodbyes with people we have come to love and excitement for what ABBA holds in the next chapter of this reinvention adventure. We have had the privilege of living amongst some great people. The 4 months here at Cottonwood RV Park have been good ones.

We are headed to Dallas today for 4-5 days to meet with mentors, get some BodyTalk done on ourselves, meet Samuel and Amy with their family, a former Home Group member in Dallas for Chiropractic School and that will pack that time I am sure. at least Amarillo today and then to Raton NM tomorrow. Landing in our beloved Colorado mountains around Rye for some alone time and maybe some snowshoeing if there is snow left but that’s another story. Continue reading “May Day and the Smashed Angel”

Wintering at Cottonwood RV Park near Dripping Springs, TX

Cottonwood-Creek-RV-ParkThis little RV Park nestled in a slight depression in the Texas Hill Country has been our home for the past 4 months. A total of 35 sites are dispersed around main section of the park in five separate areas. There are lots of cedar and live oak trees making up small wooded areas such that each of the five areas seems like its own little community. We stayed in Site 22 for the whole time and had six to eight neighbors at any given time. There is also a mile-long nature trail that goes back into the woods to the rear of the property. Larry and Lee are the park managers and Larry helped us get settled in the first day and welcomed us to the park. Lee was recovering from heart surgery so we didn’t see him for awhile.

The slight depression made communications difficult as cell reception was basically non-existent. We purchased an external antenna and amplifier which I installed on a 15 foot mast which allowed us to get service as long as we stayed a few feet away from the amplified indoor antenna. Sure did make it hard to stay in touch with everyone though. Lots of dropped and garbled calls.

Three of our neighbors were there the entire time and we got to know several of them quite well. The Denman family was right next to us and they became very special to us and we developed a great love for James and Sarah and their wonderful children; Grace, Jessiah, and Samuel. Across the way we met Cindy and Lawton who also became close friends whom we had many special moments with; sharing life and much laughter around the campfire. Continue reading “Wintering at Cottonwood RV Park near Dripping Springs, TX”

Trains, Oil Wells, and Stereos, Oh My!

Well, the dawn is approaching. I lay awake, thankful that this is the last night I will have to sleep next to the railroad tracks with multiple, whistle blowing trains during the night, the clanging, banging oil well, and my working neighbors who hop in their cars at 2.30 AM, their work trek starting by adjusting the car stereo to the ‘blaring’ setting. Yes, it is true, I am not a city girl and these brief excursions into close quarter city life remind me all too well. We would not choose Post Oak Place RV Park again. We have encountered so many other great, well-run camp grounds, this is definitely at the bottom of our list. هابانيرو The “hands off” management/ownership style has caused quite a bit of unnecessary inconvenience and frustration. We lay in bed last night trying to decide if we could give it a lowly 2 stars out of 5 as a review score……I think so. Despite my early AM whining, this has been a good location to accomplish our goals and for that we are grateful.
We came with a dual purpose- to continue establishing a healthy lifestyle and spend time with loved ones. ضومنه اون لاين We have been successful on all counts! Though there are still people we wanted to interact with, we know it is time for us to be headed south. Besides sharing their Christmas celebration with us, Samuel and Amy allowed us to babysit Roman and Esther while they attended a campaign fundraiser and also during Christmas shopping. The kids grow and change SO fast! It was great to be there several times to watch them grow! Matt met Dr. Mark Ahrens, an outstanding and talented chiropractor, through his wife, Kendall, at our BodyTalk class in November. I am still recovering from my hiking accident in September and Dr Mark said if we gave him two weeks, he could make a difference. We did, he has! I am almost totally pain free between his skill, Ann Williams’s massage/BodyTalk and Matt’s BodyTalk sessions on me! I am excited! Hill Country Hiking, here I come!! 
We have also had the great experience of being with Ann Williams and her hubby, Lem. Ann not only gave us some of the best massages EVER but also Advanced BodyTalk (even on Abby!), fed us, let us do laundry (!), made us laugh A LOT, let us participate in her Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes and lavished us with BodyTalk resources. She has been amazing! What servants she and Lem are! They have blessed us immeasurably.
So we leave today filled with anticipation of what lays before us as we head to Dripping Springs, only the Lord knows exactly what is ahead. We do know when He is in it, the continued journey will be exciting! We do know that the days will involve LOTS of studying. بنك سكريل skrill We found out our 50 required case studies MUST be done without any aids! Sigh, we had been doing BT sessions thinking they count towards the 50 required but using aids. They have been great experience but don’t really count. Our certification in February looms….

Almost Snowbirds?

Fall Color at Twin Bridges
A lovely morning yesterday found us headed down into NE Oklahoma and we are presently camped in Twin Bridges State Park along the Lake of the Grand Cherokees. We have needed a place to just “BE” with little to no responsibility. We have had to travel somewhere, be somewhere, or “be in charge” for well over a month now with no breaks and the road hazards, etc. We took today totally off. We have slept and walked the park. The oak trees are just starting to turn and like so many places we have seen are colorful this year. Not as many reds but the colors are just getting started. It is pretty but not the quiet we crave with a highway running through it that has 32,000 cars a month. We are looking for another beautiful but quieter place to stay so will probably be driving on tomorrow as we head to Dallas for a class and maybe some of the winter. We may end up being snowbirds!

And We Are Headed South!

We had a short but sweet two days in Kansas City with our life friends, the Oakes. Debi pastors a home church in Gladstone, MO. She has become our Pastor in this season, giving counsel, holding us accountable and challenging us. It was so great to have dinner together and just talk the evening away instead of trying to make phones, texts and emails all work. icmr ivermectin Their boys have become young men before our eyes. Travis shared about wedding plans and played a video of Preston’s big basketball shot of the night before! stromectol lek We had opportunity to share some of our plans and pray together. It was much too short but so good!! ivermectina e paracetamol

I send a blanket apology to readers and participators alike as we have been horrible taking pictures since leaving Montana!

IOWA Trip Part 2

The winds had decreased slightly by morning, so on the road we were and pressing for Des Moines. Kansas slowly passed by and the winds eventually eased off the further East we went. Late afternoon found us still well short of Iowa, so we rolled into Watkins State Park, south of Cameron, MO, just before they closed the gate. It was a wonderful, little spot for the night. medical studies on lyme and ivermectin It’s a sweet, little park if you find yourself in the vicinity. Great people, nice sites and lots of beautiful oak trees! The colors this year are gorgeous and so late in the season. Many just turning – reds in many shades and hues along with the usual array of goldens. You’ll have to take our word for it, we didn’t take any pics! Oops! Continue reading “IOWA Trip Part 2”

Rolling through the Midwest

Woodpecker at Walnut Woods State ParkIOWA Trip Day 1 (which is all it SHOULD be!)
We headed out of Colorado Springs on a fairly warm, clear but breezy day. This is a 11 hour road trip we’ve made many times over the last almost 10 years. It is a familiar route and we were putting the miles behind us but the winds kept increasing. By the time we got to Limon, headed towards Kansas on I-70, the flags were flying straight out and hard on the flagpoles. Our trailer/truck combination handles the wind remarkably well so I had not realized just how the wind had increased. generic ivermectin for cattle durvet brand When we made a rest area pit stop just past the Kansas border, I took Abby out to the pet area. We had to lean into the wind or risk getting blown around. The lady at the visitor center said the winds were 40 mph with gusts to 50 mph. I didn’t like the idea of continuing but we had little choice (there are very few places to get off the road in Western Kansas) and the rig seem to be largely unaffected by it so we pressed on. We had only gotten a few miles down the road when one of the trailer tires picked up some construction debris blown onto the highway and blew out a chunk of the sidewall. Thankfully, only the tire, and not our trailer, was damaged again. are ivermectin pills a prescription God’s grace for us is apparent. But we are on the shoulder, again……this time in the midst of a howling windstorm. Continue reading “Rolling through the Midwest”