Our Colorado Arrival, Got Air??!!

Whoo Hooo!It was a good travel day-cloud cover, good roads, reasonably priced fuel ($3.69), light traffic, varied scenery, manageable winds and best of all, the arrival at La Vista Campground. Above Rye Colorado, there is a small lake, Lake Isabel. We have not explored this part of Colorado a lot and never have been up here. We had a hard time finding a place not far from I 25 that was wooded, secluded, and without a burn ban. These three campgrounds fit the bill. We were told they really weren’t open for the season yet and we would probably have it to ourselves. We were thrilled! After living with so many people in and out for 4 months next to us, we were ready to be in the woods. If we could have found a place to dry camp we would have but the rangers said it wasn’t recommended in this area. Continue reading “Our Colorado Arrival, Got Air??!!”

To Amarillo and Beyond! Is that SNOW in the forecast??!!

We left the ranch mid morning with the sun shining and a warm day promised. Planning to drive to at least Amarillo seemed like a good plan as we wanted to be to Raton, NM the next night and in the Colorado mountains for Mothers Day. The drive went well enough that we pressed on to Dalhart about 1.5 more hours. It’s a small scenic town in NW Texas, almost to New Mexico. Matt had found a smaller RV Park with pull throughs so we didn’t have to disconnect the trailer that evening, just pull through the site, level up, put out the slide (which was not happy and bound up for some unknown reason) and fix dinner. Simple! Continue reading “To Amarillo and Beyond! Is that SNOW in the forecast??!!”

Our Goodbye Gift – A Fresh Wild Turkey For Breakfast! (Mom DON’T read this story!)

Well, not exactly but almost. Every time of day at the Crockett Ranch is special. Mornings are lovely with sun streaks across the sky before the sun actually rises, the usual quiet, the birds, one of Russ’ dogs softly barking by the kennel. This morning, we were lying in bed talking about time with Russ the night before, waking up, and listening to the World around us wake as well, I heard one single solitary gun shot. Was a bit early for someone to be on the range and we were the only guests but I pushed the thought from my sleepy mind. The silence was changed shortly after by an ATV rounding the end of the arena. Before I could even actually place the sound in my foggy brain, Russ was outside our window with a good sized Tom Turkey over his fender! I jumped out of bed, grabbing my robe to go see what his victory smile was all about. He had gotten up early ahead of the group coming to the ranch for Mother’s Day weekend. With one more turkey tag in his hand, and this the last day he could hunt before season end, he had gone out to wait for the Tom who comes across the Ranch fairly often. The gunshot I had heard earlier was his. The Tom had come close to the mesquite patch below the arena and Russ had been waiting. Meat for the freezer! Yea! Continue reading “Our Goodbye Gift – A Fresh Wild Turkey For Breakfast! (Mom DON’T read this story!)”

Life at the Ranch

Russ-at-ranchThere will always be a special place in our hearts for Crockett Ranch. I suppose it is because our first visit there was a special one with Thanksgiving and all being together. It also is special to us because we spent two weeks there while the horrible cold spell hit North Texas (and the rest of the country). Russ had graciously allowed us to stay in the beautiful guest house. It was such a tremendous blessing! I am sure we would have frozen to death had we stayed in the trailer. Continue reading “Life at the Ranch”

The Dallas Socialites!

Roman-on-slideOur schedule was packed when we arrived but got rearranged several times with schedule conflicts and sick kiddos. The Browns have had more than their share of strep throat and it hit again before Amy, Roman and Esther could come out to the lake to play with us. We had a lot of catching up to do with electronic media and email so it was a welcome change. It did however, mean all our commitments with the Browns would change and we would not get to see Samuel. That part was sad for sure. Matt has not seen Samuel since Christmas! They were part of why we stayed so close to Dallas all winter. The day was sunny and warm but we were tucked into a lovely shaded, cool, oak grove and got lots done. I even went for a bike ride! Continue reading “The Dallas Socialites!”

May Day and the Smashed Angel

May Day! Our lovely Daughter texts this AM, thanking us for great memories of May Days past. A time when we spent days creating gift baskets and leaving them for neighbors, family, and friends. جدول اليورو 2024 This May Day, I am not making May Day baskets, I am packing our house to head north. A bittersweet day, one filled with tear filled goodbyes with people we have come to love and excitement for what ABBA holds in the next chapter of this reinvention adventure. We have had the privilege of living amongst some great people. The 4 months here at Cottonwood RV Park have been good ones.

We are headed to Dallas today for 4-5 days to meet with mentors, get some BodyTalk done on ourselves, meet Samuel and Amy with their family, a former Home Group member in Dallas for Chiropractic School and that will pack that time I am sure. at least Amarillo today and then to Raton NM tomorrow. Landing in our beloved Colorado mountains around Rye for some alone time and maybe some snowshoeing if there is snow left but that’s another story. Continue reading “May Day and the Smashed Angel”

Trains, Oil Wells, and Stereos, Oh My!

Well, the dawn is approaching. I lay awake, thankful that this is the last night I will have to sleep next to the railroad tracks with multiple, whistle blowing trains during the night, the clanging, banging oil well, and my working neighbors who hop in their cars at 2.30 AM, their work trek starting by adjusting the car stereo to the ‘blaring’ setting. Yes, it is true, I am not a city girl and these brief excursions into close quarter city life remind me all too well. We would not choose Post Oak Place RV Park again. We have encountered so many other great, well-run camp grounds, this is definitely at the bottom of our list. هابانيرو The “hands off” management/ownership style has caused quite a bit of unnecessary inconvenience and frustration. We lay in bed last night trying to decide if we could give it a lowly 2 stars out of 5 as a review score……I think so. Despite my early AM whining, this has been a good location to accomplish our goals and for that we are grateful.
We came with a dual purpose- to continue establishing a healthy lifestyle and spend time with loved ones. ضومنه اون لاين We have been successful on all counts! Though there are still people we wanted to interact with, we know it is time for us to be headed south. Besides sharing their Christmas celebration with us, Samuel and Amy allowed us to babysit Roman and Esther while they attended a campaign fundraiser and also during Christmas shopping. The kids grow and change SO fast! It was great to be there several times to watch them grow! Matt met Dr. Mark Ahrens, an outstanding and talented chiropractor, through his wife, Kendall, at our BodyTalk class in November. I am still recovering from my hiking accident in September and Dr Mark said if we gave him two weeks, he could make a difference. We did, he has! I am almost totally pain free between his skill, Ann Williams’s massage/BodyTalk and Matt’s BodyTalk sessions on me! I am excited! Hill Country Hiking, here I come!! 
We have also had the great experience of being with Ann Williams and her hubby, Lem. Ann not only gave us some of the best massages EVER but also Advanced BodyTalk (even on Abby!), fed us, let us do laundry (!), made us laugh A LOT, let us participate in her Tai Chi/Qi Gong classes and lavished us with BodyTalk resources. She has been amazing! What servants she and Lem are! They have blessed us immeasurably.
So we leave today filled with anticipation of what lays before us as we head to Dripping Springs, only the Lord knows exactly what is ahead. We do know when He is in it, the continued journey will be exciting! We do know that the days will involve LOTS of studying. بنك سكريل skrill We found out our 50 required case studies MUST be done without any aids! Sigh, we had been doing BT sessions thinking they count towards the 50 required but using aids. They have been great experience but don’t really count. Our certification in February looms….