A New Ride!

Well, the Eldorado served me well. But I never really liked it. Now I have a car that I like! This car just about shouts “luxury!” when you look at it. My wonderful dad loaned me the money, and I am now the proud owner (well, not yet) of a 1989 Lincoln Town Car.
This car is so comfortable I can’t even really explain it. The leather seats are huge, and it just glides down the road on it’s airshocks. It’s so quiet that when you shut the door, all the noise of the city just goes away, even pesky 18 wheelers and harleys are only a whisper.
The trunk is quite huge. It’s begging for subwoofers. But that will come later.
I am quite pleased. People even report getting 25MPG on the highway!

One thought on “A New Ride!

  1. That looks like a Peter -sized car… almost like his first one …it was the most comfortable car I have ever ridden in!!! Welcome back to the midwest Josh! Nadia J.

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