A Road trip, Prophecy, And Catching Up!

Well, Dear Friends and Family, I have been reminded again, some what gently but constantly, by my better half (and some of you) that it has been way too long since I wrote another article for the website. That must be why Matt changed the name of my column from ‘Ronda’s Ramblings’ to ‘Ronda’s Rareties’. Hmm. Matt also reminds me that I don’t have to write an epistle, just a short article. Short?! Me?! He does remember who I am….right? I have had a number of wonderful experiences recently and decided I could probably make short articles of them. Here goes…..small group and a road trip.

I have been involved with a couple of small groups for several months now. One of them is led by Eileen Fisher, www.eileenfisher.com, if you are interested in knowing more about her ministry. Eileen is a speaker, teacher, prophet, and author. Her first book, Embraced By The Holy Spirit, is out and doing very well. I have learned a great deal being in her small group, also known as The Weekly Prophetic School of The Holy Spirit.

Eileen recently asked my friend, Cynthia Lang, and I to accompany and assist her at The City Church Prophecy Conference in Oklahoma City, OK. Eileen was to be one of the guest speakers. I had not had a road trip since our family Iowa trip for Thanksgiving. Cynthia and I needed some ministry time – both to give and receive. This conference seemed like a grand idea and place for those things to take place! We had not spent a great deal of time together since establishing the Partner Relations Department at Messenger.

We left EARLY on the last Thursday in January and despite the very windy, dusty driving conditions, were in Oklahoma City in time for the evening service. There was a great lineup of speakers for the weekend conference from Kim Clement to Juanita Bynum, Pam Vinnett, and our own Eileen Fisher. We sang our hearts out, were challenged to live with a Kingdom focus, ministered to each other and many others who came to the book table. We also made new friends in the lovely people who support Eileen in that community. They treated us all with such love and gracious generosity; it was as if we had known them for many years.

I developed laryngitis on the third day of the trip and by Sunday was unable to offer more than a loud whisper. It was frustrating as I met so many new people and desired to get to know them but had to do that through others questions and conversation for the most part. I did introduce myself (yes, in whispered form) to Anita Bryant. Since we were with one of the speakers, we were invited to the meals/fellowship with the VIPs after each session. Anita and her husband Charlie were some of those also invited. It was nice to be able to meet her. She took a valiant stand about homosexuality over 20 years ago that cost her greatly in the worlds eyes. It would have been interesting to hear her speak about what God is doing in her life. As it was, I had to whisper my name in her ear, not exactly easy to communicate that way!

The trip home was not unlike the trip out – praying, talking about all God is doing in these times and going over our notes so that we could keep the challenges fresh. Since my voice was improving but not whole at that point, I did a lot of the listening. The scenery was gorgeous especially in NE New Mexico and southern SE Colorado as the fading afternoon sun caused the high stately buttes to turn that lovely golden color. There were numerous large herds of grazing antelope along the highway. Of course we were out in the middle of God’s land and no one else’s so it was truly ‘where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play’. I was impacted in a great way by all of it and am so grateful that God opened the door for me to participate. Cynthia and I made friends, memories, had a lot of good laughs, got to pray with people, and were challenged ourselves. Great way to spend a long weekend! Highly recommend the conference if you are available to be in Oklahoma City the last weekend in January. It is a yearly event.