A Short Outing

Ronda at the TrailheadRonda and I finally managed a short backpacking trip out into the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. The wilderness area is located right on the Continental Divide. We drove up through Cottonwood Pass and down the western slope to Taylor Reservoir. Then a little north to the access road that follows Texas Creek. The forest road is in pretty bad shape and even though it’s passable to regular vehicles ther are so many rocks in the road that the going is mighty slow. العاب محمد صلاح 2023 This went on for about 5 miles and then the road becomes passable only to high clearance vehicles.

Of all the roads I’ve encountered designated as 4WD this one lived up to it. Nearly all 4 miles of it were rough and tumble. Much later than we had planned we arrived at the trailhead. Everyone put on their backpack (including Abby) and off we went down the trail. طاولة القمار The trail follows the Texas Creek drainage area and is a pleasant hike that has very gradual elevation gain. We saw quite a few beaver ponds, an old abandoned mining cabin, and made several creek crossings without getting wet.

As the afternoon wore on we scouted out a camping site that was off the trail and near a water source. We set up camp then lounged around, had supper, and enjoyed a nice campfire before retiring for the evening. The temp must have dropped down under the freezing point as there was heavy frost on the tent and bushes the next morning. Poor Abby spent some of the night shivering as she has no sleeping pad/bag. We’ll have to see what we can figure out for her that will stuff into her pack! اسماء ورق الدومينو

We spent the morning being lazy and finally packed everything up and hiked back to the Jeep. It was a nice escape into the woods even if it was short.

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Abby gets some attentionBeaver ponds along Texas CreekBreakfast of ChampionsFirst colors of FallAn old mining cabinAbby has a pack too!Looking down into Texas Creek valley