A Vintage Adventure!

Well, a mere seven days until Daniel and Kristina’s big day and the Mother of the Bride is still working out what she will wear! I thought I had it covered a long time ago and my ‘almost’ menopausal body went through changes again! I became thick in the waist and nothing seemed to work. I went in search of a petticoat for a dress Matt found on line. A gracious woman who owns a local dance studio here told us to go to ‘the purple house just north of Union and Boulder”. Yesterday while running errands, I went in search of it. By the time I found it, they were closing and asked me to come back today.

I corralled Matt into coming with me this afternoon, promising to be good and only look for what we came for (Matt shops safari style – you go, bag the game and come home!). I’m not sure what he thought when we drove up to the light purple building, it is a bit ‘antique’ and not very well marked. The sign by the street let us know that we had arrived at Antique Mart. The items flowing out the door were just a taste of what was to come when we entered. It was such a sensory overload in all directions!! “Rooms”, if you could call them that, lined from floor to ceiling with everything you could imagine and then some. All of it vintage! There were wedding gowns, gorgeous furs of all varieties, dresses, hats, gloves, cases of jewelry, shoes, dishes, all types of vintage memorabilia, the list is endless.

Matt’s video will have to show you some of what we saw, being a woman of my word-I came, I tried on and I bought. No looking around the store for me today, what I share is all I saw in the small portion of the store that I was in. Matt investigated the whole store. I found him speaking with one of the owners, a Vietnam veteran and wonderful man.

His wife, June, was the lovely and innovative woman who helped me find what I needed and put it all together. Wonderful woman with a dynamic story! Ask her for her story, she will tell you. It was a blast and I shall return, this tucked away gem that draws people from all over the World, is my favorite place to shop in the Springs! Awesome! Come and experience it with me!

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One thought on “A Vintage Adventure!

  1. Shopping for wedding clothes is always a big deal for mother of the bride, but the 40’s thing adds a another layer of complexity.

    I’m sure you will look stunning for the big day.

    Have a great time!


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