Almost Snowbirds?

Fall Color at Twin Bridges
A lovely morning yesterday found us headed down into NE Oklahoma and we are presently camped in Twin Bridges State Park along the Lake of the Grand Cherokees. We have needed a place to just “BE” with little to no responsibility. We have had to travel somewhere, be somewhere, or “be in charge” for well over a month now with no breaks and the road hazards, etc. We took today totally off. We have slept and walked the park. The oak trees are just starting to turn and like so many places we have seen are colorful this year. Not as many reds but the colors are just getting started. It is pretty but not the quiet we crave with a highway running through it that has 32,000 cars a month. We are looking for another beautiful but quieter place to stay so will probably be driving on tomorrow as we head to Dallas for a class and maybe some of the winter. We may end up being snowbirds!