And Some Guests Stayed On… A 4th of July Postscript

My apologies that there are several ‘old’ stories being published. I have had stories to write and publish as ‘history’ here and they are just now being done.

Wednesday after the 4th of July, we sent two van loads of folks to the East…….Terry and his family in Mom and Dad’s van that they pull behind the coach and Ted and his family in their classic ride. They headed out together, had lunch in Kansas City, decided Interstate 70 beat the trip on Interstate 80 by a long shot and split up to return to their respective homes in different states.

Meanwhile in Colorado, my Mom and Dad were settling in to see if they could decipher the problems they had experienced with the coach on the trip to Colorado. Little did any of us know that this would not be an easy solution. Our abnormally high rainfall complicated Dad’s diagnostic challenges. It seemed every time Dad needed to work outside, it would rain! The neighbors began to joke about driving by our house to find there was a either a man standing in the rain working on the coach or there were legs coming out from under the coach. If it wasn’t your situation, it was possibly a bit on the humorous side. Much of the process was NOT humorous to Dad, Mom, Matt or I. Right, guys?

We had a number of adventures over the next two plus weeks – electrical fires (several!), tools dropped in very strange places (and their fun retrievals), numerous BBQs, and a fun dinner with Josh and his friend. Mom and I had our first salon facial! I was conducting ‘research’ for a career possibility in esthetics and we also had lots of discussions over the book, Boundaries, When to Say Yes, When to Say No To Take Control Of Your Life by Drs. Cloud and Townsend.

We never really got to show Mom and Dad much of Colorado as there was always a project going on in the coach. I believe Dad said he and Mom pulled almost 100 feet of electrical cable in the process of finding the fire source and the electrical shorting issue. He also reinstalled the microwave for convenience sake.

I injured my arm earlier in June and was unable to mow the lawn and Matt was so busy at work that Mom and Dad mowed it for us! That was a huge blessing! Matt was so grateful. He still whines occasionally that he has to mow our postage stamp size lawn. Well, it is postage stamp size in comparison to our acre and an eighth that we left behind in IA.

I learned a lot about myself in that time – how much God has refined, changed and grown me, as well as, how much more growth God needs to do in my life! Thank you for all the breakfasts on the patio and coffee breaks. It was nice having you here. I don’t remember spending that much time together in decades!