Another Right of Passage

November 17th, not a banner day for many but a banner day for our Kristina. She is moving. Not one of her favorite things to do but a necessary thing at different times in life. This is a somewhat significant, special move. Kristina and Josh have decided that living together as brother and sister has been a great adventure but now their life choices are not compatible any longer. There is a cozy studio apartment on the west side of town that will be Kristina’s new home, her first home on her own. Josh will keep the townhouse for now.

It has been a wild time finding ‘the perfect’ apartment. I felt, at times, I was shopping with Goldilocks. ‘This ones too big, this ones too old, this ones too dark’ but the studio apartment on the end of the building at Cheyenne Vista features a big sunny window looking right into a huge pine with a quaint little patio tucked off to the far end. The apartment allows just enough room for her furniture and is not overwhelming when it is time to clean. Simple. As things in life you can control should be. It makes dealing with the complicated things in life easier. Those, often, we cannot control with the exception of our response and attitude.

Kristina works an erratic schedule with quite a few extra hours. Her job is stressful with all those women at “Girlie World” – can YOU imagine working with over 40 women in a small space and many of them being artists as well?! She needs a cozy place to come home to; decompressing while she snuggles with her favorite two men,, her kitty, Snookums and her bear, Huggie.

It was a busy day, Kristina and I loaded the truck and cleaned her part of the townhouse We had a few laughs as we carried the futon and the loveseat out of the townhouse. How DID they get those IN through that front door?! We finally managed to extract them both from the house but we dubbed ourselves ‘Dumb and Dumber’, I’ll let you decide who is who. The first half of the task completed, we separated, me to drive the truck to the new apartment and Kristina to pick up our friend, Daniel, a future Navy Seal. What more would you want when unloading a moving truck but muscles with a sense of humor?! Daniel has them both!

I had just gotten to the new place and was accessing the apartment, deciding what we were going to bring in first when one of the most fabulous things happened, TWO MEN appeared with Kristina! Kristina and Daniel arrived just as Matt surprised us and pulled into the parking lot! It was a wondrous sight for two tired women! Moving K Nov06.jpgWe set about unloading the truck and had it done in record time. Those Navy muscles were so appreciated! I had Kristina’s kitchen unpacked by the time they were finished and most of her treasures put away.

After sitting and congratulating ourselves, we responded to our grumbly tummies by finding a cute little neighborhood Italian restaurant for dinner. Over dinner, Daniel entertained us with stories of his trip to Europe this past summer with his brother and a mutual friend. What an endeavor! Those are memories to hold forever!

It was a good day and we were honored to help Kristina step into different chapter of her life. It was a bittersweet day leaving her comfortable life with Josh but a gratifying day as she stood in ‘her own space’. Thanks so much, Daniel, for your help. It wouldn’t have been the same without your extra two hands, your upbeat wit, humor and always-present smile. Dad we appreciate you too! Your timing was impeccable as usual!