Back to the Lab

A large part of my time at work is spent supporting one particular program; IMPCS. Mostly, this has revolved around preparing the necessary documents supporting the security certification and accreditation of the system. I’ve recently had a shift in my duties at work. One of the key engineers moved on to another opportunity in Virginia leaving a void in the systems and network administration of the lab. I was asked to take over that responsibility.

This is a good thing as it allows me to get back into “hands-on” mode working with and configuring equipment. I still have my other “documentation” responsibilities but I am fortunate to have a junior engineer that is coming rapidly up to speed and taking a large share of that workload from me.

I had an opportunity to provide some immediate assistance by developing a solution for the software developers to write and test their code using “virtual computers” so they are able to do most of their work right at their desks instead of having to go back and forth to the lab. This will help productivity quite a bit as we have recently taken back the software development piece of the project from Northrup Grumman and hired a bunch of programmers; more that can work comfortably in the lab.