Beach Break

San Onofre BeachIn the midst of all the wedding day craziness I had to run back over to Camp Pendleton and sign for our beach cottage. We had been staying in the Ward Lodge on post but planned to have a couple of days at the beach to relax after the wedding. Check in was not until 3pm but I needed to be dressed and ready for pictures by 1:30 so that was not going to work. I called over and got them to get one of the cottages ready by noon and then, since Rhonda had the rental car, had Matt Ender run me over there so I could sign for it and get the key.

The cleaning crew probably thought they were being helpful by leaving all the windows open thinking we would be along shortly but alas we did not arrive until 10pm. Despite all the hoopla about Southern California the temps were down in the 30’s by the time we got to the cottage and it was freezing cold in there! We quickly closed all the windows and turned on the little-bitty heater but it was obvious there would be no comfort to be had that night so we decided to snuggle up in bed and get some needed Zzzz’s.

The little heater ran all night and by morning it was comfortably warm again. We had no particular agenda for the day and so wandered up to the shopping area on post looking for a place to eat breakfast but nothing was to be found. We decided to drive back to downtown San Clemente and ended up down at the Pier where we found a neat little creperie. The food was good (when we finally got it…they screwed up and gave our order to another table!) and we enjoyed the view of the ocean. On the way back we stopped at the Farmers Market and grabbed some food to stock up the fridge.We spent the rest of the day snuggled up on the sofa watching the surfers and chilling.

The beach cottage turned out to have quite the dichotomy when it came to ambiance. To the front was the beach and Pacific Ocean, complete with rolling surf, surfers, the occasional boat, pelicans, etc. whereas behind us was the train track and Interstate 5 (all 8 lanes of it). The Amtrak train blew through every 30 minutes or so and at least once an hour was a local commuter train. The real kicker though was the freight trains which were really booking when they came through. They didn’t come through too often but when they did it shook the whole cottage.

The nights were a little uncomfortable with a bed that was a bit too firm and the train traffic. Monday morning found us feeling a little more renewed and we actually got down and walked the beach. The rest of the day was again spent relaxing but we did get the opportunity to meet Daniel and Kristina for dinner back at the Fisherman’s Restaurant on the San Clemente Pier where we got to spend a little extra time with them.

Tuesday found us back in travel mode again and we managed a very quick stop at Point Loma in San Diego before returning the rental car and boarding our SouthWest flight to Denver.

Here’s a short video.

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