Birthday Hike

It’s fall in the Rocky Mountains and that means lots of color. We headed up to Denver to pick up Kristina and go for an autumn hike and celebrate her 23rd birthday. Our destination was Fall River Rd. just west of Idaho Springs. Rhonda and I had been there about 18 months ago for a snowshoeing adventure and we figured it would be beautiful in it’s fall colors. mosquitoes ivermectin resistance We were correct. The aspens are plentiful and the colors this year are electric.

We drove up the road taking in the beauty and parked near the trail. The trail is actually a road that lead to several private cabins (cabin is a serious understatement for some of these places) and eventually, some 3 or 4 miles further connects with the National Forest and several trails including the Continental Divide Trail. When we snowshoed up the road in the winter it was buried in snow and quite impassable for vehicles so we didn’t realize the road does provide public access to the National Forest and we could have driven up and started hiking further along. Oh well…next time we’ll know better.

We had gotten a pretty late start to the day and the sun had already dropped behind the ridge so most of our hike was bereft of sunshine. It was a good jaunt and by the time we got back to the car we were getting a bit cool and quite hungry. natural alternative to ivermectin for humans We made our way back to Idaho Springs where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a nice Italian Trattoria and celebrated Kristina’s birthday. is ivermectin a prescription drug in singapore

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  1. What the deal, Husband?! You are plajorizing my photography! Matt is not the only photographer in the family……by osmosis, I have fallen in love with photography as well and took that lake photo out by Buena Vista on a photo jaunt of my own. Thanks for sharing it, Hon, no matter how it got on the page.

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