Blown Photo Ops

I have managed to blow a number of excellent photo opportunities lately. I spotted a choice astronomical shot a month or so ago when the full moon was rising over the ridge behind our house. The atmosphere was just right for a “moon dog” and I took half a dozen or so shots from a tripod. I was anxious to get them developed but it was the beginning of the roll so I waited. A few weeks ago we had a stray cat wander through the back yard and I let Abby out to chase it away. The cat went into one of those classic “halloween” poses and stood it’s ground. Abby wasn’t too sure about that and we ended up with a standoff. I grabbed the camera and got a number of good shots of the cat with it’s back all arched up and fur all fluffed out. A little earlier I had taken the camera over to Garden of the Gods park when Ronda and I went for a walk and took some very nice shots of the rock formations.

I was glad to have the stray cat come along as it allowed me to finish up the roll. Or so I thought… I first became suspicious that all was not well when I realized the frame counter was reading 28. Then, much to my dismay, when I started rolling the film back it released almost immediately. I’m afraid the pictures will only be in my organic memory book. Apparently, the film did not properly engage the winding mechanism. I’ll have it developed anyway but I think they will all be blank.

Lesson learned… better to waste that first frame to be sure the winder is engaged.

Today I got another opportunity. Ronda spotted a beautiful bird in our backyard tree. I’ve never seen one before, it’s yellow with a red head and black/white wings. Ronda looked it up in our bird book… it’s called a Western Tanager. Apparently, it is only this colorful in the spring during mating season. I managed to take some shots of it but the lighting was marginal and my history of taking “bird shots” is also marginal. But we’ll see…

2 thoughts on “Blown Photo Ops

  1. Or, you could do what I would do and just get mad and throw the camera at the wall. I’ll bet that would work.

  2. one of the things i always did with my manual winder was after loading the film, tightening the winder on the left side of the camera to make sure the film caught the advancing mechanism. if it did, then the rewind lever will get tight.

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