Buffalo Peaks Wilderness

gee… the site has been neglected for awhile. We finally got out and did a little camping last weekend. Josh, Ronda, and I packed up the Jeep and went in search of some 4-wheel drive roads to get away from the traditional campground scenario. We headed over toward Buena Vista and worked our way up some pretty rough roads toward the Buffalo Peaks. It was gettting late and we finally ran out of road around 11,500 feet. Josh got out and started exploring trying to find a good camp site.

He found a real winner but it was a half-mile or so into the woods. We all grabbed as much as we could carry and hiked in. It was a beautiful spot and we left Ronda there to set up the tent while Josh and I went back to the jeep for another load. On the way back we found a jeep trail that looked like we could use to get a little closer to the campsite so we carefully guided the Jeep up this trail. By now it was dark.

We grabbed a bunch more stuff and headed toward the campsite. Or so we thought. It did not take long to become hopelessly lost in the woods in the dark. It’s rather embarrassing to admit but we literally stumbled around for an hour or so dragging along a bunch of gear and getting a bit annoyed. Finally, through a little celestial navigation (North Star) and the ol’ “Marco” – “Polo” trick we made our way back to the campsite. We had a good laugh afterwards and dubbed it our “sherpa training”.

We finshed setting up camp and then enjoyed some very nice stargazing before retiring. It got a bit cool during the night and sleep was elusive for me. We really need to get some decent gear. We had a visitor or two by our tent early in the morning but never actually saw what it was. Most likely an elk. After breakfast we went on a short hike to gain enough altitude that we could see the continental divide which was just west of us. Then we relaxed in camp until we unanimously decided to pack up and go home. The weather was suppose to turn rainy (which it did) and we felt we had enough fun for this weekend.