CDT Hikers and More!

The days are flying by full of laughter at things we have done, tasks to complete and conversations to have with all kinds of interesting people who come to us. We are falling in bed with a full day of purposeful work accomplished and guests with smiles on their faces. Good things!

If we don’t get up and get our own stuff done, I am still staring at a sink of dishes in the evening or a list of calls to make at days end. We MUST get out of bed in the AM, it is not a choice after two and a half months! By 9 AM this place is hopping and if we have not been faithful to ourselves- gotten up and moving, we are playing catchup all day on the personal side. Each day, some new aspect of life in this career field becomes evident. It is just a schedule adaptation.

We have had all our cabins and rooms full most nights (seven in all) since Jim and Mary left. Our six RV sites have had a few in/outers which we are grateful for but would like to see more. The broad array of folks has been fun but we love the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) hikers the most!

These are people of all ages that have chosen to take almost 6 months off and hike the 3,000 mile trail from Mexico to Canada. It takes lots of arduous planning, solid commitment and sheer determination to “walk every day” for 4-5 months. The last two groups have impacted us the most. They connect after a while on trail as people fall out and become “groups”, supporting one another and sometimes hiking together. Trail names are chosen, as you will see below. A respect for each other or, in some cases, a lack there of develops as situations and time pass. These are fascinating, determined people with so much to share. I have met some of the nicest young people who give me hope for the future and people my age or older that inspire me to reach for something bigger, higher and seemingly unobtainable.

If you saw them hitchhiking on the side of the road all grungy and trail tattered, you would probably not stop to pick them up. They even laugh about how they look and smell…..a week on the trail at a time, often miles without water to drink let alone anything else, does not make you smell like a rose. Their first priority with us is often the shower/laundry room, or a quick trip up the road to The Blue Joint for a great carbohydrate-rich meal. The HUGE, packed, hand made (very yummy) burrito is the most popular.

We have been challenged and impacted by these folks. Matt and I had always planned to hike the Appalachian Trail (one of the Triple Crown of Hiking trails) after the kids graduated and that somehow got lost in ‘doing life’. Watching and listening to these folks has rekindled some adventurous dreams and reinforced why WE are out here. We are on a trail of our own, not a hiking trail but a long distance, self discovery trek. This last group of people, especially Huckleberry Finn, Love Note, Sweet Fish, Ninja, Drop N Roll, and Burly Whites jolted us a bit. Me more than Matt. We had several conversations about their lives, interacted with them and watched them over 4 days. Discussing their journey, motivation for doing the CDT and in many cases the Triple Crown, core values, politics-just a little, and just what IS important. We love the community that we see, caring for one another as the elements of trail life are spartan, desolate, and can be life threatening. One of the things we have learned in our time in Colorado is that you DO NOT take nature for granted but that is another story. 🙂