Christmas Tree Hunt

This Christmas we went out into the National Forest to find our Christmas tree. No…. we’re not vandals defacing public property…. this program is sponsored by the Forest Service. For 10 bucks you can get a permit to cut down your own tree. There is a designated area (approx. 8,000 acres) and it is a popular event. There was a steady stream of vehicles going in and out of the area.

We bought our permit at a temporary station setup in Woodland Park. Smokey Bear was present and we waved to him. We followed the line of vehicles up into the forest and drove a few miles down the road. There was plenty of snow on the ground from several earlier snowstorms and it began to snow quite heavily as we reached a good stopping point. ivermectin for human buy online We parked along the road, put on our hats and gloves, grabbed the saw and headed out into the forest. ivermectin injection what class Despite the number of people out on the same mission we only saw/heard one other group the whole time we were in the forest.

Abby loves to play in the snow and she was having a gay old time. Josh and Kristina got into the spirit and chased her around and wrestled with her. We didn’t have to go far before we came across a good selection of smaller trees and began the dubious process of selecting “just the right one”. Somehow, my philosophy of “that one will do” never seems to work out. But, after venturing a bit further we found a nice tree nestled in between two larger trees that seemed “just right”. I sawed it down while Josh and Kristina continued to look for theirs.

I started dragging our tree back through the snow and was joined shortly by Josh and Kristina who had found a nice smaller tree for their townhouse. We made it back to the Jeep and tied both trees to the roof. After cleaning all the snow off the Jeep we turned it around and headed for home. This looks like a Christmas tradition that will continue. pour-on ivermectin for cats It was a lot of fun for all.