Coming Out Of Our Cave………..

Happy New Year to you all! May this find you walking in the rich blessing of goals already met, dreams dreamed and are in the process of being implemented. I write this morning to say that we still love you and that we are moving towards not being so reclusive. I have been noticeably absent from our website for some time. I apologize. Matt has done a good job keeping you up on most of the family current events. We have been immersed in moving, going back to school, sending Kristina off to CA, my early December trip to Iowa, and the holiday preparations. All of those activities culminated on Christmas Day which I spent in bed. Not because I was sick but because I was just plain exhausted. I had been going, going since early summer with no real breathing room. Matt and I both became cave dwellers! With no family in town for the holidays, Matt and I decided to decline offers of fellowship and spend our first Christmas Day alone in 31 years. We did spend Christmas Eve with Josh and Selenda as I wrote about in December’s post and had two nice times with our neighbor, Donna Renea over the holiday week. Her laughter is contagious and was excellent medicine for our healing souls. It felt odd not to be in the middle of a lively celebration but it was good in a whole different way. Neither of us had the soul energy to be ‘good company’ to anyone.

Matt had time off over Christmas and we spent a lot of time talking. This is the first time that we are truly empty nesters. I have spent time shedding tears for the seasonal changes and soul searching, as has Matt – not the tears but the soul searching! We are redefining what we want life to look like in the 2nd Chapter of life, as the Navigators call it, and moving forward into 2008 with an excitement and determination.

We have both had some health issues to work through in this time (won’t bore you with the details) which I believe are mostly stress related. As Matt has written, he graduated with his Masters in December. Yippee! The focus and energy of that dedication coupled with 2 moves in 3.5 years, Josh’s medical injury, treatment, and rehab over the last 2.5 years, Kristina’s difficulties as she has walked through life with Daniel in SEALs training and his military career, the pain we faced when the kids made a less than genial decision to not live together the same week as our former Pastor, Ted Haggard, had his public ‘ordeal’, and numerous other difficult testing times have just stacked up. We have felt the pressure in our bodies and at times the pain has seemed insurmountable. We have spent the last month debriefing, destressing, processing, laughing, ‘vegging out’ and redefining life. It has been good and empowering.

We capped the ending of 2007 with the fireworks on Pikes Peak! That was picture perfect! It was freezing that night but clear and calm. Unfortunately, we didn’t think far enough ahead and missed recording the Kodak moment. Where is that photographer when you need him?! The fireworks reflecting off the snow was fabulous! Next year we will be ready…

Although I had a very challenging semester at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) last Fall, it was successful and empowering. However, I am not returning to PPCC this semester. I will finish my Health Coaching Certification which I am hoping can count toward my degree. With a wedding coming up this spring, I need to get some things in order. The math and biology that I needed this semester would have required way too much time and energy. It was a hard decision to make. I loved school but being a full time student on top of all the other things, would take too much time away from home. I am not 19 any longer and the learning takes more time than it once did! I am going to work for now and save for school, pay off debt, and just spend some time with my Sweetheart. It has been a long time since I had the luxury of being responsible for just myself and Matt. We are both excited!

I have stolen away for a snowshoe adventure. One night two weeks ago, we had one of those lovely snows that is Christmas Card perfect. Large, fluffy flakes floating down in great quantity, no wind to speak of, and that ‘holy hush’ that comes with all of that at night. It seems you can hear the snowflakes fall if you listen hard enough. After trying to unsuccessfully move Matt off the sofa , Abby and I couldn’t wait until morning to snowshoe. I donned my snowshoes and we took off for the ‘backyard’. Up the bluff we trekked into the Ute Valley Park. It was so awesome! Everything showing white! I love the way the mammoth sandstone boulders line the back entry to the park and ‘light up’ in the snow. They are fabulous! We trekked for about 40 minutes until the coyotes got too close for my comfort. Abby was so excited to play in the snow AND be in the Valley that she was not paying attention or staying with me, so we turned around and headed home. It is so freeing to get out in the Valley, Garden of the Gods, or another close location and just spend some time ‘shooshing’ in the white stuff.

We look forward to 2008 and all it holds! The healing that has taken place over the holidays has appeared to be God’s FedEx program for us as we are facing each day now with joy and excitment. We have set new goals, established a new framework for ourselves, and started new projects. We have purposed to go snowshoeing and camping on a regular basis. We are looking forward with delight to Josh and Selenda getting married in May, having family here for the celebration, Rose and Will having a little Miller at their house in August, living in our new house, and just being together doing life. It would be great to see all of you and we would love to share our fabulous Colorado with you! We wish you a rich and abundant New Year! Please keep us up to date with your families. Hearing from YOU in any way, even a comment on the website, is always a thrill to our hearts!

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  1. thank you for letting me come to your site and enjoy what you have created here this is the lady from navigators that called you last night…thank you once again…this is a beautiful site

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