Ahhhh…. finally a little time for some pleasure reading! The evenings this past week have felt a little strange. I keep thinking I should be working on homework. The weekend is here and I am looking forward to relaxing and not thinking about schoolwork.

We have decided to get a sprinkler system put in. You only get two chances per week to water your grass around here and with both of us working it becomes a bit of a challenge. I thought they might ease the watering restrictions since we’ve had a great winter for snow up in the mountains. But, alas, no such luck. Growing grass here requires diligent watering since the soil is quite rocky. We found out last year that if you miss your watering day it’s pretty tough on the grass.

These systems have a timer on them so they come on automatically early in the morning on your designated watering day. The guy should get started on it this weekend.