Detroit Iron

Josh has a new toy. A 1972 Chevy K5 Blazer. This was your basic SUV back before the word (acronym) was even coined. The K5 Blazer, not to be confused with the later Blazers (glorified station wagon), was a rugged, 4-wheel drive, off-road vehicle based on the venerable full-size Chevy pickup truck. جورجيلينا كاردوزو Shorten up the bed a little, chop the top off and you’ve got the basics of the K5 Blazer. Sort of like a convertible pickup truck.

The nice thing about Colorado is there are still specimens of these around and they are not all rusted out. The one Josh found was a little rough on the inside but basically a straight truck with a lot of potential. Originally a basic green color, it currently sports a primer gray paint job. مضمار الخيل Equipped with the stock 350 cu-in V8 and a 3 speed automatic transmission it has plenty of power for getting around in these rugged mountains. This one has already been “lifted” to give it more ground clearance.

The motor needed some help to get it past the emissions test. What started out as a simple tune-up evolved into a rather protracted event ending with a rebuilt carburetor, electronic distributor, oil pan gasket, and valve adjustment. It reperesented several days/nights labor but the end result was worth it. It runs much better now, doesn’t leak oil, and it passed the emissions test.

Of course, this is only the beginning. These sort of projects turn into big money pits if you let them. But, working on old cars gets in your blood and the rewards and sense of accomplishment are in the “doing”. الفرق المتأهلة ليورو 2022