Espresso and Gutters

What you may ask do espresso and gutters have in common? Nothing really, but they both occupied my thoughts some today. I borrowed a ladder from Jerry (my neighbor) and cleaned the leaves out of the gutters today. One of those evil but necessary tasks. It wasn’t too bad actually. There were surprisingly few leaves and it was a breeze compared to the ol’ farmstead with it’s 2-story roofline. إكس-من: إيفولوشن

I also raked up the remaining leaves and bagged them up. Kudo’s for Colorado Springs… no “special” bags required! Just put’em in regular trash bags and leave them for the garbage man. I have been pleased with the local attitude towards such things. Recyling is “optional”. I put the crumpled up bumper from Kristina’s Jeep out and they took it. Definitely my kind of garbage service.

Espresso… Ahh! I have always enjoyed coffee. It is my only real vice these days. I bought an inexpensive Krups unit many years ago and was vastly disappointed. It was basically useless and was quickly relegated to the basement. My interest waned for a number of years but I have gotten the bug again and decided to give it another try.

I have done my research and plan to master the art this time around. إدين هازارد What I quickly discovered was a true espresso machine can be mighty pricey. But, one thing I have learned over the years is you are better off buying something of higher quality to start with. It will last longer, do the intended task better, and save you a lot of frustration (see comment above about Krups). I conducted the majority of my research at WholeLatteLove and CoffeeGeek.

As I am wont to do I turned to Ebay for a good second-hand machine. It took a week or so of looking and being patient but I found a couple of good deals and actually ended up buying two machines. One of them is coming with a very nice burr grinder which is essential (so I am told). I plan to put them both through their paces and keep the one I like the best. بلوت لعبه Now I just have to clean up one of my guns that is now collecting dust in the closet and sell it so I can pay for these new toys. So stay tuned for further adventures.