Every Garage Needs Two Jags

Two_Jags_in_the_Garage.jpgOoooff…I just realized it’s been five months since I’ve updated the website. I also noticed that four months ago…three months ago…well you get the picture. It a hasn’t been very high on the priority list. I’m going to try and catch things up in chronological order so be patient even though some of the exciting news is later in the summer.

Every garage should have two Jags…a His and Hers Jag. Ok, maybe not…but for a short time I met the criteria. Goldie and Whitey as they became known to keep them separate. As I mentioned in the last post Whitey found a new home and now we are back to one Jag in the garage.

Oh…I’m also back-dating the articles so they will more or less show up in the right order and time of year.