Fall Again?

Boy have we been neglectful of the website. Lot’s of things have happened over the summer but I’m not going to try and go back and write individual entries about them. I think a short synopsis will have to do. In no particular order….

We moved. Not very far but it was still a lot of work. Actually, we have talked about moving from time to time but we really like the neighborhood we live in and are reluctant to move away. There was a long list of fairly major improvements we would have liked to have made to the old house but were reluctant to spend the money and effort if we might move. Well, the neighbor across the street and down a few houses ended up solving our problem. He moved his family to Zurich, Switzerland and we bought his house. Sounds a little nuts but there was method to the madness. You see, he had already made all the improvements to his house and we were able to get a good price on it. Trust me…the math worked out in our favor. So, long story short… we got our house sold, my Dad came out and helped us move across the street. Thanks Dad!

Kristina is moving to California in a few weeks. She feels pulled to the area after visiting earlier this year. Boyfriend lives there too which might have something to do with it 😉 So she is leaving her job with the Navigators and striking out on a new adventure. We will be empty-nesters again but hey, we’re experienced at it now.

Rhonda is back in school. I am back in school. Josh is back in school. Kristina was almost back in school. Phew! What’s up with all this school stuff anyway? I am in the home stretch. All my coursework is completed, just working on my final requirement which is a Masters Report. Kind of like a thesis but not quite as rigorous. I will graduate in December. Rhonda is taking some exploratory classes at the local community college. Math and Biology, which are really making her stretch those dusty brain cells. Josh is enrolled in an engineering program down in Pueblo at Colorado State. Kristina got accepted to the Art Institute in San Diego but could not pull the financing together quickly enough to make it happen. That is by the way, where she is moving to so we’ll see what happens on down the road.

Hiking and camping have just not happened this year. 🙁 Ronda and I did get out for a couple of overnighters but that has been about it. Next year we are going to do better!

I finally broke down and bought a digital camera earlier this year. It’s a Canon SLR and it’s pretty amazing. I still have a long ways to go to master everything it can do. I am really enjoying it and will be going to a digital photography seminar up in Denver in a week or so with a friend and hope to pick up some good tips and tricks.

That’s all for now. Will try and be more faithful at writing in the future.