Fall Term – Finished

WhooHooo! Completed my last final exam today. This marks the end of the Fall term and I’m happy it’s finished. Anyone want to buy some ridiculously overpriced used textbooks? I am simply in awe of the prices they get for textbooks these days. The last one I bought was priced at just over $100. And it was a skinny little thing too.

It seems the comment spammers have finally found my website. I’ve started getting a few trying to advertise their online gambling sites. Just what the heck is “comment spam” and how did it become such a huge nuisance? Basically, spammers have been using blogs to help boost their standings in Google searches by posting massive numbers of comments that include links to their pornography sites, scams and get-rich-quick sites. If your site is linked by a top-ranked site or blog, then Google will often raise your site’s ranking — at least that’s the thinking of spammers.

Fortunately, there are a few tactics that can be used to reduce (but probably not eliminate) this problem. If it becomes unmanagable I will have to turn the commenting function off.

One thought on “Fall Term – Finished

  1. Hey my last exam was on the 16th as well! And I too am glad that another semester can be checked off the list. And as for the book thing I feel for all the students out there in the world, my books are most generally $80-100, and I’m glad I have very supportive parents otherwise I don’t know how I would get by most the time. Anyway hope you guys have a grand celebration of our savior’s birth and a great New Years as well.

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