God’s Love Story

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“I have found the one my soul loves” Song of Solomon 3:4

This was the verse that Kristina and Daniel chose for their wedding invitations and it’s truth was apparent in San Clemente, CA over the weekend. This is truly God’s love story. As Daniel’s Mom often states, “God took two families from different parts of the country and moved them to Colorado without jobs within a week of each other. He then introduced them through their Realtor and brought them into friendship.” Our kids became friends and our families have interacted through joyous and difficult life changing situations over the last 5 years. Daniel and Kristina are truly “two peas in a pod” as Daniel’s mother, Tanya, refers to them.

In the months that have followed their engagement, Daniel has made several trips to Colorado spending time with us, Kristina, Josh, and Selenda. We have watched both of these two wonderful young people grow and blossom. Let this be a testimony to the power of commitment. As these two grew more and more comfortable in their relationship and in what God was bringing together, they changed. All our lives became more entwined and it has been a blessing to watch as respect and honor for one another has developed in great measure. The trust has brought about depth in their relationship far surpassing a vast number of marriages.

The wedding weekend was a delightful affair! The Brown family and the Grimes family met in Oceanside for a Thanksgiving full of laughter and stories. We shared what we were thankful for and reminisced about our first Thanksgiving 5 years ago at the Browns in Colorado Springs. That Thanksgiving is in the archives here on mistycastle.com. We got to meet baby, Ezra Miller, that evening as well! He brought his Mom and Dad to the wedding from Iowa! We also spent time with the wonderful Ender family and now understand why Daniel and Kristina love them.

Our day, Friday, was full of details assisting the bride and groom as they prepared for their engagement pictures – ironing, errand running and last minute details. Those pictures are now featured on www.greenweddingshoes.com! Fabulous! Saturday’s events are documented on the video here. It was a lovely day etched in all our memories! The Enders, hosted a lovely breakfast and the day ran rapidly from there! The pouring rain that had plagued us early, got blown to the south and we had a lovely sunset for the wedding! The reception dinner was impeccable in every way with the handsome newlyweds laughing, sharing, and dancing with us all. God’s love and provision were evident in all the details!

We are enjoying having another son and turning the friendships into family relationships with the whole Brown clan! Life will be interesting and to God be ALL the Glory!

4 thoughts on “God’s Love Story

  1. Congratulations, Daniel and Kristina! Also, congratulations to you – Matt & Rhonda & Daniel’s parents also. Back here in Iowa we’re going through a blizzard, but I’m glad you’re enjoying the warmer parts of the country at this time. 🙂 Everyday as we drive, we go by your old house in Iowa and remember you as you used to live there. We miss you. It was fun being your neighbors, but obviously God had reasons for sending you where you are now. What a beautiful love story!
    Annette Reeves

  2. Fun to see the video and the engagement pictures are awesome!!!

    Kristina you are gorgeous, beautiful dress, hair flowers and your man!!! All looked quite lovely. Great looking maid of honor too :):)


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