Good Things and Bad Things

The semester is over! That’s a good thing. This course was really challenging but I learned quite a lot and it will help me with my job. So, now I get a month off.

We had planned to celebrate by going snowshoeing and then visiting a hot springs resort out west of Denver but something I ate last night got the best of me and I have been feeling poorly so we had to reschedule. That was a bad thing.

In spite of not feeling so hot we did go up the hill and take a nice walk in the woods. The winds were calm this morning, the sun was shining, and it was nearly 60 degrees. That was good thing and it was refreshing to get some exercise.

Josh and Kristina had to face some realities of life regarding differing lifestyles and decided sharing a townhouse was maybe not the best idea. Kristina found herself a studio apartment and moved out. In the long run this probably a good thing but it had it’s painful moments. Helping someone move rarely qualifies as a good thing but it went smoothly and for that we were all grateful.

Kristina’s lifelong friend Angie just announced her engagement. Not details yet but another good thing!

ITT had their annual Christmas party last weekend. They throw a very nice big bash down at the Sheraton. Dinner, dancing, lots of wonderful desserts, and entertainment. Had to dust off my suit, get all prettied up and take my girl to town! That was good thing too.

Went up to the movie store a little bit ago and rented the newest Pixar film called Cars. Nobody makes animated films quite like Pixar so this will undoubtably be a good thing.

Came back from the library the other day with several new books by some of my favorite authors. In particluar, Alastair Reynolds new book called Pushing Ice is quite good if you like the genre called New Space Opera which tends to be scientifically rigorous while ambitious in scope. It was very nice to be reading for pleasure for a change.