Happy 29th Birthday, Josh!

Dearest Josh,

We can’t let this day go by without saying Happy Birthday! It was a snowy Iowa morning that dawned with your Dad exclaiming, “it’s a BOY!” as you were raised to lay on my tummy a short 29 years ago. The pride of you being our son will never change! The anticipation of seeing that handsome smile, the glint in your dark brown eyes, hearing your laughter, excitement over your newest invention and/or getting a warm hug from those long strong arms will never cease. Though we can’t be together today, I had to say that Dad and I prayed for God to draw you close to His heart, bless you immeasurably and release angels to keep you safe. Trusting that he will give you the grace and strength to continue your internship and go to school full time.

To your continued success and happiness – We will love you always! Mom