Happy Birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas, Friends and Family!

Cannot let this very special day dawn and not send heartfelt blessings out to each of you! This is such a beautiful time of year as we celebrate “Christ” “ mass”. The worship of Yeshua, the Messiah. I trust that you have made time somewhere in this busy season to reflect and soak in His peace. May this morning find you surrounded with friends and family, if not in person, then in spirit. افتتاح اليورو 2024 We send you our thoughts, love, and hugs, may you wrap yourself in them and feel their richness.

Our home and family will be filled to overflowing today. First, overflowing with gratitude for we are a blessed ‘people’, we embrace the love and blessings of the season and the fullness God has for us in it. There have been difficult times this year with health, conflict and growth for our children, challenges in Matt’s job, to name just a few, but we are still together, loving more deeply than ever and walking in the fullness of our Abba’s love. Secondly, overflowing because our family will be extended and multiplied today; people who have no ‘blood family’ to celebrate with will fill our walls and share fellowship. We have opened our home to those who have a spouse in Iraq, a job that requires them to stay locally, those with no time to travel, or those whose plans changed suddenly because of the Holiday Blizzard of ’06. العاب رياضية Some of the ones invited have found others to celebrate with but some are adopting us as their family of the day and we are honored. We look forward ot the memories to be created today.

We trust that they will feel the love we have for them and that you will feel that same love in your situation of the day. Embrace whatever presents itself. Make it a day of wonder that carries you, not only in, but also through the New Year and changes your life in some way. Love the unlovable, smile, bring reconciliation, laugh, laugh again, laugh until it hurts (you may have to rent a funny movie for that one!), share a touch with someone who hurts – no words are necessary, just a touch, write a note of love, make something and take it to your neighbor, hug someone, say ‘I love you’ when it isn’t expected, share a kind thought, you get the idea. الكرة اون لاين

Thanks for stopping by to see us, we love it when you do, be sure and leave us a note and let us know you were here……..it truly blesses us. Merry Christmas, may you come to realize a new depth of the everlasting love of Your Creator. We love you too!