Hi Ho Cody!

or not…. I just got back from spending two hours on a horse. A rather stupid one at that. I think that might put me up to counting on two hands, the number of times I’ve ridden a horse. Or perhaps walked a horse would be more accurate. It seems like “riding” should involve more than walking.

My honey and I went over to the stables at the Air Force Academy and rented a pair of nags and went exploring. This time was a first though, as it was just the two of us. Every other time I’ve been on a horse it has been one of those pathetic nose-to-tail guided walks.

This time we got to go “off-trail” and make our own way out into the foothills and just ride around. It was pretty fun… when the horse did what I told it to. Which was maybe 30% of the time. It seemed to be stuck in nose-to-tail mode and it kept wanting to go back to the stables instead of “through the woods and over the hill”. Nevertheless, I did increase my riding skills some and it was much more interesting than following a well worn path.
Ronda slaking her thirst
We rode up to the top of a small ridge and had to go through the scrub oak and snow. Ronda’s horse went right up but I had to argue with mine quite a bit. He finally did go even if he didn’t like it much. The weather had been calling for partly cloudy skies and the morning started off sunny but by the time we got to the stables the clouds had moved in and turned into an overcast day. We both wished we had brought a jacket.

I also seem to have discovered some new muscles in my legs.