How I spent my Anniversary

ChainsawToday got off to a bad start. It was windy. Really windy. Really, really windy. Hurricane force kind of windy. For starters, it was garbage day for a lot of people. Being garbage day and having horrendous winds is a bad combination for the environment. Stuff was blowing everywhere, including from my neighbors garbage can. I went out to pick some of it up and moved her garbage can back out of the wind.

I came back in the house turned around and looked back out the window and realized the big ol 25 foot tall blue spruce tree I had just walked by was now laying in the yard **sigh**…**sing along**…Happy Anniversary to me…Happy Anniversary to me…Phooey! Well, at least I didn’t get flattened by the thing.

In case you were not aware, there are lots of people who are amateur weather people. They install weather stations at their homes and then connect them to the Internet where you can go look at them. We have several within a few miles of us and I pulled one up to see just how strong the winds were. As you can see from the below chart we had sustained winds of around 50 mph with gusts up to 84 mph at the time of our trees demise.


Now the odd thing here is that it’s not stormy outside. Perfectly clear sky, sunny and quite nice temperature-wise. Nevertheless, the winds can really come roaring off the mountains onto the plains and we seem to be in a micro-climate that gets to experience that neat little phenomena.

So…break out the chainsaw, which I have not had much use for since leaving Iowa, and get to work. Fortunately, several of the neighbors were also around and pitched in. We have now made a huge mess in the front yard and tomorrow we will load it up into a dump truck that our neighbor, Collin provided and haul it all off. Hooray for helpful neighbors! Thank you SO much to Justin, Jessica, Collin, and Kevin! Each had something to share that we needed!

Blown OverA Tall SpruceCleaning Up

In spite of the mess we still went out and celebrated our 32nd anniversary with a nice dinner and dessert.

Rhonda’s foot note – the gusts Matt speaks of are hard to imagine as they were almost the constant wind speed and came from all directions. It was almost impossible to be outside and move forward. The wind buffeted from all sides.

There are often many things to be thankful for. Looking across the dinner table, somewhat bleary eyed from fatigue, at my wonderful very fatigued and somewhat ‘spindled’ husband, I realized I could be in a hospital room nursing his wounds. Had the tree fallen the other way, he could have been smashed and very possibly so would our home! Praise God for His protection! Thank you, friends and neighbors for your help, we are grateful for you!