How to Scare a Jeep

Okay, so I was kinda mean the other day. It’s been known to happen occasionally. We have used our trusty Jeep Grand Cherokee to haul a variety of things for us over the years. After all it has a factory towing package and a V8 motor, so might as well get some use out of the ‘U’ tility part of SUV. The easiest thing it was ever tasked with was pulling a light 5×8 utility trailer that time we moved a few houses down and across the street. It made quite a few trips that time but probably never exceeded 10mph and it was flat terrain. Little did it know what was ahead though.

Hauling a SAAB over Hoosier PassIt got more of a workout that time I found a 1971 SAAB out in western Colorado. That time we rented an auto-dolly from U-Haul and drove out to Grand Junction to pick it up. The drive back took us up over Vail Pass on I-70 and then through Breckenridge and over Hoosier Pass. We had to take it slow and easy going up the passes but the Jeep did well and we got the cartoon car as we came to call it home to Colorado Springs.

When we moved from Colorado Springs to Aurora we rented a 12 ft open trailer to assist with the move and it made a couple of trips up the I-25 speedway hooked to the back of the Jeep.

Shortly after moving to Aurora we found a 16ft enclosed cargo trailer that we bought to replace the monthly costs of a storage unit we had rented when we realized we had more stuff than square footage in our new rental house. We transferred the stuff from the storage unit to the trailer, brought it home, and parked it out back. This trailer also helped facilitate some of our move to Brighton last summer and about the same time we used it to help move a friends stuff into storage down in Colorado Springs. But, alas,the trailer/storage-unit then became surplus as our new landlord did not want it parked at the house. We sold it to a fellow who was moving to Texas.

Most recently the Jeep hauled a 6x12ft enclosed U-Haul trailer full of some of our stuff back to a storage unit in Colorado Springs. Say what? Back to Colorado Springs you say? Well yes, but that is another story…back to the point of this story…so what did I do to scare the Jeep? I backed it up to our most recent trailer acquisition. I thought the Jeep tires were beginning to go flat when it showed up in the rear view mirror.