ImagineIncoming freshman at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) are required to take a freshman seminar class. One of the offerings is a class called Imagine

Imagine providing clean drinking water, consistent power, stable food supplies, and habitable environments to people for the FIRST time. Imagine enhancing mobility for a person missing an arm or a leg. Imagine improving the quality of human life. Imagine all these things most of us take completely for granted each day, but things that aren’t available in certain parts of the world and even in certain parts of the United States. This exciting Freshman Seminar course will examine a variety of social issues from an engineering perspective.

For the second year in a row was invited to present a guest lecture on Engineers Without Borders. I delivered the presentation to a group of 25 or so young students and encouraged them to get involved in some facet of humanitarian aid. The students were challenged in their thinking of how a large portion of the worlds population really lives and how so many of these people lack access to basic needs.

Our hope is that the students will develop a passion for helping others and seek out a humanitarian organization to participate in.