It’s a Good Day!

Just counting my blessings today. God is GOOD! SO very very good. It snowed here last night, probably about 6 inches and this moring it was still snowing when we left for church but had stopped and the sun was out when we came out of service. The snow was melting away and the roads were slushy but clearing. The Grand Lady, as we call Pike’s Peak, was standing in all the beauty of her new ‘dress’ of snow against that crystal clear blue sky that only COlorado knows how to do. It was and is lovely!

We are well and excited about the events of the next couple weeks as we wind down to the 28th when Daniel Lee Brown will take our wonderful Kristina Marie to be his life helpmate. It will be a celebration for sure! It is an ‘immediate family only’ event with three exceptions-Samuel’s wife, Amy, has been deployed to Iraq; Josh and Selenda cannot attend either, so our numbers will be smaller than we had planned. We will be sad that we cannot all be together as family but we are planning other events next year when we can be. Each event makes memories that we get to hold in our hearts and reflect on later.

I am also rejoicing that my Sweetheart is continuing to heal. It is a slow but steady process. He has totally regained his equilibrium and the hearing aids are awesome. We have eaten in noisy restaurants twice to test them and he has heard what was being discussed the whole time!! I can’t tell you how aweosme that is! His shoulder is coming along well but the range of motion is still limited. We purchased a new bed last week and said ‘good bye’ to the days of waterbeds as we felt that it would give his shoulder more support. One week later, we know that we made a right decision. We have slept well and Matt is not stiff in the morning and his shoulder is not painful all the time! That is a first in the almost 9 months that this has gone on. That is an answer to prayer for sure! Then this afternoon, he gently pushed the snow off the patio!! Is it possible that I will not have a mowing job next summer? That is his first ‘yard work’ since early summer! I will be glad to be able to have him be able to utilize two arms again- to reach out fo rhis wife or put his arm aorund me at an event!

We are making lifestyle changes that include how we eat and I am again learning to be creative which is good, I was bored with what we had been eating. Just made some Fall Lemongrass soup with sweet potatoes, lemongrass, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. It was yummy and I was reminded that we have come along ways in our tastes. When I married Matt, he was a steak, baked potatoes, corn, green beans, and peas kinda guy. Yes we have come along way!

Well hopefully this short update gets me out of the dog house for a while. I do need to catch up. There are so many events of the year that are not written about here. After the wedding, I will do more catching up!