It’s January in Colorado!

Yes, folks we are loving the mild winter here! It is awesome. We had lunch on the patio last weekend. This weekend it is above freezing and snowing. Gorgeous huge flakes wafting down, sticking to the trees like a picture postcard. It snowed 6-8 inches Saturday and then overnight Sunday, we got another 4 inches or so. Yes, it is wonderful! The roads are all melted off this afternoon and that is one of the awesome things. When you drive home after work, the roads are mostly dry. It snows and is mild enough to go out in a light jacket. Totally awesome!

I sure wish I had gotten the boots and poles to go with my snowshoes. I would be up in Ute Vally snowshoeing!
That’s the problem with being sensible and buying things as you can afford them! It takes TIME and snow waits for no man or woman!

Enough of the Colorado commercial, you probably want news! Well, I started my fourth week at MI today and I do enjoy it so much. God is so good! It was an awesome minstry weekend for John and Lisa. The stories that were shared this AM at the “Monday Meeting” were fabulous and exciting! John was in Clearwater, FL at Josh’s church for part of the weekend. Josh got to be at the Partner breakfast on Saturday and then got to hear John speak on Sunday. He got to see the magnificent teaching that I get to hear alot of the time and was challenged beyond words. Josh said he has never heard anyone speak in such a practical way as John does. He was very excited about how he was challenged. John and Lisa have such great love for the Lord! He has anointed them to speak directly to hearts about life change. We are seeing God pour through the Bevere’s in such a way!! It is so wonderful to be a part.

My Five Aspects of Woman small group met today. We are in the fourth aspect, The Lady of Wisdom. I got to share several things that the Lord has been perfecting in me as well as several that He is burdening me with. I have been challenged to measure my words. Waiting to speak and weighing what I need to say. Does it even need to be said or just prayed through? I do better with friends and coworkers than family on this issue but I am improving by God’s grace. The second thing that has been a burden of my heart is women who ‘tear down their house with their own hands’. I see it everyday. I amazes me but it is probably so evident to me as I have been and occasionally still am, a women who does that. God has taught me so much and has strengthened me by His Spirit so that I am a builder now. Winning my husband, even now, by my meek and gentle spirit. Thank you, Sharon, for being the catalyst that God used to mold me in that area! You challenged me to new heights years ago and I am SO grateful.

The Lady of Wisdom aspect has been challenging as it has also been coupled wiht the fear of the Lord. The Proverbs say, ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. I have felt the strength that only God can give as HE has poured through Gayle Haggard and Eileen West. They have faithfully led us through this study and spoken wisdom into us. They both set an example of how a Five Aspects Woman lives. I strongly recommend this study for any woman of any age who desire to walk as solid, Godly women. Do an Internet search for The Five Aspects and you will uncover a wealth of wisdom. There is a study for men as well but most men I am told, ‘won’t stick with it’. It is definitely a commitment.

Today was my daughter’s first day on her new job at Beeline! Congrads, Kristina! I know you did a great job! They are very fortunate to have you and I know that they will know soon how very blessed they are! Thanks, Steven, for recommending Kristina. We appreciate you!

Life continues to challenge us and stretch us. We are so thrilled to be able to be here and do what God wants us to do that the challenges don’t seem all that challenging. It is just that the days are so full and go by so fast. We miss many of you!! We would love to hug your necks and share a cup of Java and a story. I hope in some small way this will suffice. I am way behind in correspondence!!

Life is taking on a rhythm with my working at MI and Matt working everyday on the Colorado Roasters. We hope to be up and running in two weeks. We have had some stalls as the logo isn’t finished and the mailings aren’t done, etc. It will come together soon.

This was supposed to be a SHORT article, I have miles to go before I sleep so I will leave you with these moments in our lives and more to come later. Love to you all!

One thought on “It’s January in Colorado!

  1. After checking out your web sight and seeing an application for having one, I think I’m going to use the webpage given to me by my ISP. This is a great way to share news with anyone who wants to know what’s going on.

    I just saw John B. on Angle One Satellite TV teaching at the Brownsville AG church. I love his simplistic down to earth approach to teaching. Makes it easy to understand. I have always had the opinion that if the someone is teaching the gospel and it gets to complicated to understand then it’s not the gospel, it’s one of those ‘other’ gospels. 🙂 God’s instructions are simple and easy to understand.

    Anyway, saw Kristina at church a couple of weeks ago. She looked good and we exchanged a couple of niceties. Am expecting my second grandchild in August. God is good.

    Glad you are doing so well and are so happy.

    Love ya
    Shirley Dalby

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