ITT Employment

I reached the end of my six-month “temp-to-hire” contract with ITT this week. As it happens my co-worker resigned last week to pursue another opportunity so there was little question about whether ITT would hire me or not. Overall, it has worked in my favor. This makes me the senior engineer and it will allow me to influence the environment more than I could earlier.

ITT has a nice benefit package and I ended up with a nice salary. Plus, I managed to wrangle an extra week of vacation out of them. I officially start on Monday. I will be plenty busy for awhile as I take on responsibility for more of the projects we have in the plant.

Our primary product is the design and manufacturing of systems that manage, control, and otherwise support the Defense Satellite Communication System. Here is a spiffy brochure if you want to see more.

2 thoughts on “ITT Employment

  1. Wow, that is spiffy! It sounds like everything came together nicely out there! Hope everyone is doing well, and “staying busy.”

    You don’t happen to know anything about GE Power in Loveland, CO do you? I’m thinking of applying for an internship next semester for the summer!

    God Bless!

  2. Now here is progress- Temp to hire to senior engineer in six months! It’s a good thing you decided to listen to God!

    I have enough trouble driving a car; managing and controlling a satellite is pretty abstract for me.

    God Bless.


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