January Tidbits

Just some basic ramblings here….

Winter is kinder here in the Springs. Plenty of sunshine and moderate temperatures. It has been in the 40 and 50’s some weeks and colder others. This week will be mostly low 30’s. I read in the paper today that the snowpack up in the mountains is now between 100% and 165% of normal. That is a very good thing for our water supply. If it continues we should be safely out of the drought.

Ronda started her new job this week. She is working for John Bevere Ministries (Messenger Intl.) up in Palmer Lake. It’s about a 30 minute commute. She is helping out in several areas essentially working as an adminstrative assistant. The standard 8-5 Mon-Fri workweek is a blessing after putting up with the erratic schedule she was working at Chico’s in the retail world.

Nothing new on my end career-wise. I interviewed last week for a systems administrator position with a local software company. It would be very convienient if I got it. The office is only a mile down the road. I could walk or ride my bike to work.

I am trying to get back to work on my e-commerce website. The whole house got torn apart last week when Ronda and her friend Tanya decided to “redecorate”. This resulted in a major shift in living spaces and accelerated the relocation of my “office” up into Kristina’s old bedroom. I now have a multitude of things on my “to-do” list that were unrelated to moving the office. Oh well… it’s not like I don’t have time. Since then I have focused on getting the office ready. It has all been painted now and I’ve built a desk using the old file cabinet/door trick that will host my coffee business. I found the door at one of those recycled building materials places.

Those places are fascinating to me. I don’t know what it is about them but I always enjoy walking around and looking at all the different stuff. Some of it is that I see the “potential” in things… gee, if had those I could build a such and such. I remember my first exposure to these mysterious places from accompanying my Grandfather to Saunderlieters (sp?) on Maury St. back in Des Moines when I was a young pup. He would often go there for materials to fix-up an old rental property. There were always a bunch of old guys hanging around smoking and joking and of course the inevitable hound dog. Those places always seem to have a dog.

While I was out and about I made some more business contacts with another roaster and a source for some of my coffee-related items. I also found several nice books on coffee and roasting at a really cool used bookstore. This morning I found a nice used office chair for the second desk. It seems like this business is going to be launched with “recycled” products!

3 thoughts on “January Tidbits

  1. Wow, it sounds like things are always in motion at the Grimes’ house. It is good to see that you guys know how to occupy your time, but I really kind of wonder if you could actually slow down a little if you wanted to. But nevermind that, hope your classes are going well and I will continue to pray about the career search, I know God has something out there for ya. Anyway back to the books, I’ll catch ya later!

  2. sheesh. im gone for a week and all reminders of me have been swept clean. *sniff* and mom said she was going to miss me. *dramatic pose* oh the paain.

  3. My granddad ran a coffee business in Omaha. I think it was called the Benson Coffee something or other. That’s all I know about it. Dad’s not around anymore so I can’t ask him.

    Margaret moved out last week. I have my sights set on her room. But I don’t have a e-commerce business. I’ll probably just play my guitar in there.


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