Job Change at ITT

raidrs.jpgI am working a new program these days. The program I was assigned to has finished up. It happened a little earlier than we expected but it is good to finally have it finished. The company has been real good about finding positions for everyone. Most of the people joined an expanding program over at one of our other buildings where they are getting ready to work on modernizing some of our ballistic missile early warning systems. Most of those systems were built back in the 70’s and are in serious need of updating. I was looking at joining them but was offered a position with the RAIDRS program in the same building I am currently working in.

Suits me just fine as I really like working super close to home. This program is well along and we will be delivering the first system in 2008. The program is similar to the previous one I worked on but this time we have a different customer; the Air Force. RAIDRS is a ground-based space control system designed to detect, report, identify, locate, and classify attacks against our military space assets. For the moment I am doing most of my work in test engineering.

We also got a surprise announcement last week at work. It seems that our building will be reorganized in the big scheme of ITT Defense. Currently, we are part of the Systems Division but effective 1 January we are going under the Aerospace/Communications Division (ACD for short). It’s too early to know how this will affect things but it does seem like our group will be a better fit with ACD than Systems. ACD is more of a engineering and development division that designs and builds new products (like wireless networking systems for tactical military and government systems) whereas Systems Division is pretty much focused on operations and maintenance contracts. It will be interesting to see how this all pans out.