Job Change – Yeah!

Many of you know that God placed me at Messenger International in January to help clean up the database. It was a temporary position serving two purposes; get the database cleanup started ensuring accuracy and excellence in the ministry functions, thereby positioning us for effective system migration later this year and, giving me the opportunity to be in place when a position, more suited to my skills opened up with ministry growth.

Well, the ministry growth is happening! As we are going through the business process definition that is necessary for system selection and migration it was determined that the Church and Partner Relations Manager needed a Project Coordinator. In my recent 90 day review I was offered this new position. I accepted and have been in that position two weeks now. It has been a wild and gratifying two weeks!

Part of God’s assignment for me was to pray for this ministry and that assignment started over a year ago. Since being at MI full time I have started an after-hours prayer group that is growing each week. We band together in love and lift the vision of the ministry to the Lord. We have seen awesome moves of God! A comment heard somewhat often is ‘God is moving so fast!’ There have been several people who have been faithfully praying for the ministry over the last couple of years. Their faithfulness is so admirable. Without their faithfulness and sacrifice this could not be happening. We are building on the shoulders of those who have been faithful before us! Those who have been faithful are especially amazed at how rapidly God is putting His foundation into place here and positioning us for His next level. I cannot begin to put into words what takes place each day as we are all challenged to consecrate ourselves and stay focused on what God wants to do in each or our lives and our positions at MI. We are constantly reminded that it is not by might, not by power, but by His Spirit. We know it in everything we do and say. There have been many ideas that have flowed, missions accomplished, and staff issues addressed that we all know were not ours.

I am trying to focus on settling into my role and helping to define it as this is a new position. I am also busy with research on a new IT system that we plan to implement in late summer. It has been challenging to do all that is required, do these things with excellence, and still keep my tasks at home on target. Fortunately for me, God provided me with a husband who blesses me often and pitches in. He has accepted more than his share of the household responsibilities at the moment and I so appreciate him. I could not serve the Lord in this capacity were it not for Matt’s support. I am grateful that this busyness is a season that will pass. Although I know the intensity of the mission at MI will continue the extra time required will not. We are trusting God to empower us with His strength, wisdom, and joy as we embark on this next phase. The cheese has already moved and we are in search of new cheese. (For those of you unfamiliar, read the bestseller, “Who Moved My Cheese?”) To God be ALL the Glory, great things HE hath done!

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  1. Congratulations Ronda on your new position! Both you and Matt have found what you love to do. I’ll be checking on your website for more news. Fran

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