Kristina Goes ‘Out There’

This should have been written a couple of weeks ago but with a new job, exhaustion from the ‘old’ one and the emotion of all ‘the transitions’ in our lives, neither of us have taken ‘up the pen’ to write about one of the latest chapters in our lives. Kristina has, to quote one of our favorite movies– Nemo, gone ‘Out There’. Out into the big unknown like Nemo did – going out beyond the safety of the Reef! Also like Nemo’s Dad, we know that Kristina will keep on swimming, finding many new things that will cause her to stretch her boundaries. She will be challenged and then rise to those challenges; coming back to tell the stories and strengthen us all.

There has been a stirring in Kristina for some time. In early December, she got real serious about her own life and it’s direction. She was feeling very strongly that she had something in Iowa that she needed to ‘take care of’ as she put it. We had been praying for sometime that God would make His way clear for her and we believe that He did.

She had made several preliminary plans that had not materialized and her grandparents, Jack and Peggy Grimes, volunteered to have her stay with them until she could get settled in a job/apprenticeship and her own first home. She accepted. On Jan 2nd , Kristina and Matt stuffed the Jeep FULL! The following morning, we gathered around for tearful hugs and then prayer. She slipped into her trusty blue Jeep and disappeared down the street headed East to the heartland and her Big Adventure.

Her trip was very challenging as this was during the ice storms that kept passing over the heartland. She ran into ice in Kearny, Nebraska and traveled in it all the way to Des Moines, about 400 miles. It added about 3 hours to the trip and was very tiring to drive. When she arrived in Des Moines, her Jeep was covered in ice. Kristina said it was quite a sight! Her bike was attached to the luggage rack and the icicles on it were not only long icicles but going horizontally! If it were not 1AM when she arrived, I am sure she would have taken a picture we could have posted here. Your imagination will have to do.

It has been a bittersweet time as we are adapting to having the house all to ourselves after 25 years of children around and in every part of life. We are excited for Kristina as she endeavors to find all that God has for her in her life. We miss having her wonderful, unparalleled wit and humor, boundless enthusiasm, great wisdom, unmatched hugs and compassion, and music, no not Audioslave or one of those ‘musical numbers’ but HER music – guitar, singing, or whistling. We know that her grandparents are the grateful recipients of all those things. We are glad that we can share her with them but we miss hiking with her and long chats over dinner, finance meetings, and the great Mother-Daughter or Father-Daughter chats late into the night.

I know this season will provide some fabulous memories and life stories for her! She has had a tremendous time with family and friends there in Iowa in this past three weeks. It has not been without challenges as her car has been broken into and needed repair but it has had many wonderful blessings. Kristina has felt love from so many people as you have showered her on her return. We thank you for loving her, supporting her in our absence. You are truly our arms and hands extended and we ask God to richly bless you for your gifts to us and her.

So Kristina, yes, your room no longer has a mural on the wall, it is now a lovely solid blue and is known as Dad’s ‘study’ as well as the ‘headquarters’ of the Colorado Roasters. However, the paint does not cover the memories held in this room as we work in it. I will always remember the long conversations here about deep life issues and the forming of your life that took place here in such a short time. We have cried many tears together and shared excitement here. There are days I think the walls talk as I sit here to write or conduct business. In many ways for me, this will always be ‘Kristina’s’ room no matter what color the walls are! Our home will always be open to you, Sunshine, just as our hearts are. We love you and are proud of the Godly woman you continue to become.

Remember to just keep swimming……..swimmimg….swimming hmmm ha hummm