Kristina’s Totally Awesome Update

Alright. Stop the hate mail! I’m writing something for you all to read!! So you just quiet yourselves.
I know you want the good stuff first. So lets get started.

In the words of my fabulous mother.. “She’s a goner.”

There are moments in life that define you. Ones that steal away the very breath in your lungs and your heart threatens to burst out of your chest. Moments that indulge your senses in feelings you didn’t even know existed.

Lately, My life has been all of these “moments” intertwined, and I can hardly keep myself together.

I’m in love ladies and gentlemen.

Like I never knew possible. It’s wicked amazing, life changing and without question the most incredible experience that a human being can be privileged to own.

Here’s a picture of Him, His Jeep and His brother Samuel. He’s the handsome devil in front. 🙂 tee hee.
Check my parents previous post for details about where Daniel is and what he does. Don’t get me talking about him or I wont be able to stop.

Daniel and Jeep

If I can get my brain off of Daniel long enough to think about the rest of my life.. Veda is going well, I’m still the front desk manager, which keeps me on my toes and always marveling at the vanity of the human race. *sigh*

I recently bought a “new” car with the help of my Daddy and Grandpa Jack. Well hey, its new to me anyways. 🙂 It’s a ’96 VW Passat, which is quite an adjustment after driving old beater farm trucks and my rock star ’88 Blue Jeep for so many years. That baby can get up and go. Yee haw kids.

Daniel - Lord of War
Oh look, there’s Daniel again. haha. I told you I had it bad.

We celebrated Easter with the Brown’s this past weekend.. which was fun. I’ve had the honor of getting to know his family a bit more since we started dating.. His younger brothers Andrew and Luke are both genius and hilarious, his younger sister Molly is beautiful and has the greatest heart I’ve ever known, and his Mother.. 🙂 She is an amazing woman who has already taught me so much(You can pay me for that later Tanya. haha, Im just kidding I’m just kidding!) Unfortunately I still haven’t spent much time with Daniels dad Scott or his older brother Samuel.. but really look forward to getting to know them as well.
molly and K easter
That’s the lovely Molly and I at Easter.

….and now for MY family. My Mom and Dad continue to be a huge blessing in my life…don’t worry..we still feel like strangling each other now and again.. but we’ve gotten to be a lot closer over the past several months. Having their approval and input on Daniel has been an incredible blessing as well. They were great in asking me the tough questions and being supportive as Daniel and I decided to take our relationship to the next level.. which going well.

I recently made an incredibly MAD mad dash back to Iowa for my bestest friend Rose’s Senior Recital/Wedding Shower. The lucky lady is getting married in July and I just couldn’t miss out on THAT fun. We’ve only been planning this our ENTIRE lives. It was a great trip that I needed desperately.. filled with laughs, hugs and lots of “girl talk”.

rose and k
Rose might slug me for posting this..haha, I LOVE YOU ROSE MARIE…almost…MILLER!!

Allie and I also got some good chillaxin time in.. got to see the old Indianola Gang too which is always a blast. 🙂
allie and k
Its a goofy picture. haha, look at my crazy arm.. oh I miss her!

Well, I suppose this has been quite long enough. I’ll let you get back to your lives.
Don’t worry, I’m still the same old tom boy bustin’ up my shins and riding dirt bikes with the boys.. but that girly side that’s always threatened to take over me is finally starting to sneak in. I actually cry during chick flicks, I LIKE to cook, I say stupid motherly things.. its annoying. But I suppose it was bound to happen eventually. 😉

Lots of love from my heart to yours.

~*Kristina Marie*~

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  1. Wow, I was just checking up to see how the Grimes group was doing, while I was avoiding some of my last Simpson homework assignments, and it is really good to see that everyone is well and active as I remember you guys. Your faithful Christian lives and awesome adventures never cease to amaze me. Perhaps soon everything will calm down on my front and I will stop being such a recluse toward extended friends and get in touch with you all. I just wanted to let you all know that you made an amazing impact on my life and I still think about you all. I miss the times I had with Matt, Rhonda, Kristina, and that one time I hung out with Josh. I wish you all the best! God bless and congratulations on lives well lived!

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