Late Spring Update

There have been several rally events this Spring with the Land Rovers where Ronda worked. The first one was an event sponsored for the clients and the second was for the employees. Both events centered around a 4WD trail named the China Wall over in the Tarryall Mountains. I volunteered to be the event photographer and had a good time burning up a bunch of film as the Land Rovers churned through the mud and up and down the rocks. The trail ends at the Tarryall river which is a terrific picnic spot and that is where we stopped for lunch.

I got a lot of exercise out of this deal as I was constantly hopping in and out of the vehicle and running back and forth snapping photos. I dedicated a page on the site to document the first event. You can look at the pictures (takes a little while to load) by going here. It was a lot of fun and Ronda got to drive one of the LR3s to find out first hand how well it handles the rough terrain.

Between the two events I spent an awful lot of money on film and developing which caused me to relook at the whole “digital” photography thing. I won’t bore you with all the detailed rationale but I ultimately decided to make the switch. I stayed with Canon so I could maintain my investment in lenses. I have not really had much opportunity to use the new gear yet so I’ll save that for another article.

School is out for the summer. Finished up my two classes last week. Now all that remains is my final project which I will do this fall and graduate in December. Speaking of school, Josh had been accepted to Colorado State University in Pueblo and he will be pursuing an engineering degree. He decided to jump right in and start taking classes this summer so he will be a full-time student now (classes started this week).

Kristina’s lease runs out on her apartment at the end of May and she is going to move back home for awhile while she figures out what’s next in her life.

Hoping to get out of town over Memorial Day weekend and get in some camping. Have not decided where to go just yet.