Let’s Paint That!

Has been a comment we have made several times since this adventure began. We started with painting the walls in the coach and then the light covers became a custom paint job. The last time the comment was made was recently when Matt reminded me he had planned to paint the “nose” as we call the front of the coach. It was extremely sun faded and wasn’t even grey any longer in part. While on the safari yesterday, one of the things we were in search of was paint for the nose. We had been directed to an automotive paint supply place downtown but they were no help and as we left, I noticed there was another specialty paint store across the street about a half block down. We made a quick turn and stopped there at Stan’s Specialty Paint. They were very helpful and resourceful; we ended up with a silicone base paint called Hammerite.

Without any possibility to move our coach into the shade here or commercially spray it, we had to resort to rollers. This is less than ideal but our options are pretty limited at this point. The weather forecast was for temps less than 90 degrees today, no wind early and cloud cover so today became Paint Day.

Prep started early with sanding and a bath for the nose, then taping off. Matt took the first paint coat and part of the second. I was the follow behind cleanup girl. There were three difficulties with this paint – getting the thickness correct, moving FAST before the lines dried and the long strings that formed as the paint dried on the roller. The strings would float down from the roller and get stuck to the side of the coach. I had to get them off before they stained or dried fully. I made enough suggestions on getting the thickness right that I got elected to finish the second coat. 🙂 It truly was a good thing. Smoothing is more my specialty than Matt’s but little did I know that I was going find the most difficult paint I have ever painted! That says a lot when you have grown up painting for a Dad that owned a paint business when I was a kid and have painted, restored countless homes, grain bins, fences, etc etc. It was almost impossible to go back over your lap lines, it dried that fast. The Sun was up and over the bluff by the end of coat one and was beating down on us and the coach. That made it even worse. We did get an almost even coat done despite the challenge. Standing back and accessing the drying paint, we decided that a top dressing of the paint from spray cans would even it out and so I was off to Idaho Falls to Stan’s again.

Faded Nose Painted Nose

I always enjoy the drive into Idaho Falls. It is about 25 miles across the Snake River Valley. I was surprised when we first arrived by the beautiful irrigated crops. I knew there would be potatoes, which were in full bloom upon our arrival three weeks ago but there is an abundance of beautiful hay and hops. Much of the drive “to town” is through acres and acres of hops. Pretty much as far as you can see. There are a few alfalfa fields scattered in the miles of hops. The air has been heady with the scent of newly mown alfalfa. Aromatherapy has nothing on fresh mowed alfalfa, in my opinion. Such a glorious smell! The hops are turning a lovely golden, honey color and soon the combines will come in groups to clean a field as quickly as a locust plague. We will probably get to see that wonderful event!

My trip took a bit longer than we had planned. The sun was REALLY out in full force by the time I returned-so much for the clouds the weatherman predicted! We reevaluated and checked the paint limitations. We know the results would be better if we waited the full 7 days to recoat but that means we may stay here in Ririe longer than planned. We were planning to head north on the 1st or 2nd but would need to wait and paint on the 2nd and let it cure. The end result will be a better finish. It already looks SO much improved from what we had when we started! We can’t wait to see the finished product. It sure is taking us a long time to get to Glacier though! I hope it doesn’t snow before we get there!

Waiting a week does leave more time to get our projects finished (and get in some more hikes!) so that when we move; we can truly focus on getting business ideas processed. We have a list going and I am working on the Brain Integration but not having a lot of time to study, refresh and work with people here.

The afternoon gave us time to complete some of the other projects we had lined up with yesterdays supplies. The fan has a new plug, my new phone has email and texts coming in, also my contacts are synced now. Of all numbers in old phone, Kristina’s phone number didn’t get transferred! One of the numbers I use most was just gone!! Some people would tell me that it was because I don’t have an iPhone (I moved to a Razr M) any more but I think not! 🙂 The curiosities of technology.

PS this didn’t get loaded on the blog before we had a scorcher of a day today (Friday). It was not forecast as such. High 80’s they said, however, the weather didn’t listen and it climbed to the mid 90’s. About 6 PM we went out to look at something else and noticed the paint on the coach was rippling on the west side. At closer inspection it was literally ‘running’ on the side of the coach! Sudden illness hits me! The hard work and great result are now sliding down the side. We scramble to get some shade fabric and our paint drop cloth to provide some shade and hopefully minimize the damage. The finish was so soft you could move the paint with your finger like silly putty! Nothing silly here!!

Saturday. Rain comes and drops the temp to the 60’s. The paint hardens. We hope it stays that way and cures. The runs don’t look too bad. The paint finish and the fiberglass of the coach both have texture. We may pass on the top dressing coat! The jury is still out. [Update – the jury is in…we decided to pass for now]