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Greetings from Colorado,

Getting an update posted on the website has been on the ‘to do’ list for much too long and this weekend we are having ‘jammie days’ to compensate for all the “un-jammie” days of stress we have had in the last several months. The activity has been immense and much has transpired since we last wrote in June.

Family News: We are Grandparents again! Josh and Selenda had their second boy, a few weeks ago and we have gotten down to see them. He’s a cutie with lots of dark hair like his Papa. His big brother is adjusting to the new normal quite well. Josh is finishing up his Masters degree this fall amid all the family growth while Selenda takes some much deserved time off from her job at Honeywell. Kristina and Daniel are doing well in California. Kristina has decided to pursue a degree in graphic design and is having a ball! She loves her classes and is being pushed to engage in lots of creative projects. We will get together with them here in Colorado over Christmas. Daniel wants desperately to ski – he missed last season while he was deployed and will probably be gone again next Christmas, so it was his request to be able to ski this year. We don’t ski (never learned) but will love to spend time with them in any way possible. We will have a condo in Keystone for almost a week. Some of Daniels family will join us as well. They have become extended family for us as our families were close before the kids married and so after the marriage -they just had their 3 yr anniversary!- we have deepened the bonds and often do holidays together.

Relocation News: Yes, we’ve moved again. Really. We spent the first part of the year looking at opportunities in Colorado Springs, wanting to be close to Josh and Selenda and family. We had a house all ready to rent there but Matt was offered a promotion at his present Aurora location, we knew we had to go to plan ‘B’. The rental house in Aurora was only to be for a season while we decided whether the new job was going to work out and if we really wanted to live in the “big city”. The answer it turned out was yes and no. With the promotion, we knew the job worked but the big city part has gained a definite thumbs-down. The Greater Denver area is a bit too large for our taste! With a population of 3 million, spread across some 8,414 square miles of land, and 30 miles from one side of the Denver Metro to the other, it just doesn’t fit our lifestyle. Oh and Matt has a requirement of commuting no more than 30 minutes. The Denver traffic makes that impossible unless you want to live in Aurora.

Knowing we will not stay in the metro for the long term, it seemed silly to think about buying a house here. So God solved the second problem by finding a new rental that was out in the country. It happened through another engineer at Raytheon and we had to move in 30 days! It has been quite a transition. We decided to simultaneously down-size rather than keep alot of things in storage for an unknown period of time. Now THAT was work!!

We have moved into a 1 bedroom basement apartment in very nice home. It is a large house that sits on 2.5 acres in a rather up-scale sub-division. Calling it a 1 BR basement apartment is accurate but does not really convey the true picture, a garden-level luxury apartment with a full covered patio is perhaps more appropriate. It is quite refreshing being back out in the countryside and we find it much easier to relax at the end of the day. RHonda LOVES the sunrises and sunsets! They are spectacular every day. Being in Aurora we were unable to see the horizon on either east or west. Our huge west and south facing windows give us a front row seat to all that God paints every day!!

Apartment in CountryAbby is enjoying the new place. She has plenty of room to roam around outside and has adopted a bench under the front window as her personal observation point. Its been a couple of houses ago that she had so much ability to see what was going on outside. She lets us know when we need to be paying attention to our environment.

Living Light: Transitioning from a 3BR house with a full basement and 2-car garage to a 1BR apartment with a 1-car carport necessitated the disposal of a great deal of “stuff”. It was difficult to get started but once you gained the right mindset it was actually quite freeing to get rid of all the “stuff” you’ve been dragging around for years that accomplished nothing more than taking up space under the justification that “I might need that again someday”. So, now we have a much lighter footprint in this world and considerable flexibility in adapting to whatever comes next.

Jag-No-More/Commuting: Part of that “stuff” that went away included the Jag. 🙁 I had planned to sell the Jag outright but in the end traded it and the Cadillac for a 2002 BMW 530i sedan. I am liking it so far and it makes my somewhat longer commute pass by more enjoyably. We live a few miles east of the town of Brighton, CO which meets my 30 minute or less commute requirement; most of it is highway and even the city part moves along nicely. Letting go of “Goldie” (the Jag) was a bit saddening but there will always be other opportunities for Jags.

Global Warming News: Our friends in England recently lamented over their wettest year in 100 years whilst we suffered through an amazingly toasty summer. Like most of the country we were hot and dry all summer long and we broke a number of records for things like the most consecutive days over 100 degrees. Then there were the wildfires back in our old neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Really sad to see the foothills all burnt up not to mention all the people who lost their homes. Personally, I think all the hot air may have had something to do with the 2012 election cycle spinning up.

Vacation News: Fall has come and mostly gone. RHonda has already been snowshoeing! We did get an opportunity to take Mom G. up to a cabin near Nederland (mountain town) in September for a bit of a holiday. She particularly enjoys the mountain streams and fall colors. It was a nice time of reading, talking around the fire, some hiking, and snooping in shops in Nederland. We did have a bit of excitement one evening when a moose just came lumbering through our back yard! That was definitely the highlight for Mom! It is not that common to see one especially that close! The locals tell us they had not seen any moose all summer so it was a special treat just for us!!

Till next time…Matt and Rhonda

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  1. Congrats on the promotion and the move to the country! Love all the details about the beautiful landscape 🙂

  2. Congrats on your promotion! Thanks for the update. You live in beautiful country.

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