Love And Hugs From Iowa

Gracious! It has been too long since I wrote and caught everyone up! We have had great times of fellowship with friends and family coming by and so many other things! Where to start?

My brothers family, ‘The Terrys’, as we affectionately call them, came to visit in mid-March. That was a BIG surprise! Terry and Danelle, his wife were having dinner and discussing how their plans for the weekend had been cancelled. They decided a trip to Colorado would be a great thing for them all. They called and asked if they “could come by after breakfast and then stay until after church on Sunday.” My logical question was, what are you doing in town? Terrys response was they wanted to come and see us and would leave Friday eve if they could be with us that weekend.

Our response was, “Bring it on!” They got a late start on Friday eve and didn’t arrive until breakfast time on Saturday. After trying to receive all those hugs and love from Iowa, we put out ‘the spread’ for breakfast on the patio. Then we were off so that Matt could share one of his favorite things on the front range with The Terrys; a hike up Gold Camp Road. It was an absolutely gorgeous day with great temps and clear views. There was still some snow on the trail but that was not a problem for us with all the warm high-altitude sun. There were a few snowball fights along the way! Matt had planned the hike to some large boulders as this is a rock climbing family. We explored the boulder area and enjoyed the views, napped in the sun and talked. It was all very relaxing.

Saturday eve we all enjoyed Chniese, hot wings, AND pizza what a combo! The hot wings were too spicy for even Alex and Terry to eat but everything else was great and again the fellowship was wonderful! We crashed early after all that fresh air, exercise, and food! Not to mention their lack of sleep, driving all night.

Matt and I were thrilled to share the experience of New Life Church with The Terrys the next morning. It was another great service with Pastor Ross teaching as Pastor Ted was out of town. It was wonderful to worship with them again in such a holy atmosphere. Most people don’t know that it was Terry and Danelle who invited us to their ‘new church’ 24 years ago in March. It was there that we got to hear the Gospel message and begin our relationship with Jesus Christ.

After a wonderful lunch, we said our goodbyes and they headed back to the East again leaving the mountains and us. It was a grand time and we thank you for the sacrifice you made to come and visit! It was great to see the kids and catch up on all their activities. They change so rapidly as they grow and change; finding their own lives. Sorry about your class ring, Al!! We will check that trail again soon.

As you adults enter this new phase of your lives with Communication Solutions, we trust you will stay close to the Father and seek after His good and perfect will. Thank you again, your visit was a gift of love that we needed!