May Day and the Smashed Angel

May Day! Our lovely Daughter texts this AM, thanking us for great memories of May Days past. A time when we spent days creating gift baskets and leaving them for neighbors, family, and friends. جدول اليورو 2024 This May Day, I am not making May Day baskets, I am packing our house to head north. A bittersweet day, one filled with tear filled goodbyes with people we have come to love and excitement for what ABBA holds in the next chapter of this reinvention adventure. We have had the privilege of living amongst some great people. The 4 months here at Cottonwood RV Park have been good ones.

We are headed to Dallas today for 4-5 days to meet with mentors, get some BodyTalk done on ourselves, meet Samuel and Amy with their family, a former Home Group member in Dallas for Chiropractic School and that will pack that time I am sure. at least Amarillo today and then to Raton NM tomorrow. Landing in our beloved Colorado mountains around Rye for some alone time and maybe some snowshoeing if there is snow left but that’s another story.

We arrive in Dallas after a nice 5 hours drive. Traffic isn’t too bad even with the construction. viparabclub That is nothing short of a true miracle, honestly. فيلم سيارات سباق Ask anyone about traffic in Dallas/Fort Worth this year. Horrendous!! It was my turn to drive as we made our way into the metroplex so Matt was my navigator. When we got headed out of the metroplex toward Lewisville Lake where we are staying, there is more construction and a lot of detours. In this area, if you miss a turn you have to turn around or go miles out of the way around one lake or another. There is no “get simply there from here”! You guessed it. I am on a narrow, windy road lined with enormous Texas sized estates, appropriately complete in Texas style, gated driveways. They are definitely not large enough to turn a 32 ft trailer around.

Matt finds another road ahead. Our plan is to turn at the next right and make a slight detour back to the first detour. When we get to the road, it is angled at a 45 degree angle in the other direction! Well lets see if we can make this work. It looks close but doable. I start into the turn and am across the opposite lane. People approaching graciously stop before they get to me. I appear to be making the turn effectively watching my side mirrors. The right side is real close to the edge but the traffic is boxing me in. I very very slowly continue through the turn, asking Matt to actually go and look if I am clear when we both hear this horrid ripping, crunching, tearing sound……I make a full stop. Now people are backing up and truly making room. Matt looks out the window and grimaces as he sees the trailer and the guardrail are one. Just touching but from the sound, too close. Sigh. Well the damage apparently done, we pull ahead and try to get out of the road. I can see no parts in the road and we pull around the next corner to pull over. Our tool compartment is back there and I have visions of tools all over the road behind us. Matt hops out to check it out all the while apologizing for giving me such a narrow windy road to turn off of and also onto. No big deal, I tell him, it was just what we had to work with. I’m watching him evaluate the damage in my side mirrors, I cant for the life of me figure out what he is seeing by the perplexed look on his face. He is just standing there looking at the trailer. I am on pins and needles. Could it be that bad?!

He comes forward and hops back in the truck. Through a relieved and amazed laugh, I hear, “there must be a smashed angel back on that guard rail! There is NO damage to the trailer!” Now I am the one with the funny look on my face. “There is NO damage? “ I ask in disbelief. “No, none that I can see”. We drive on in stunned relief and praise for the Lord’s protection. The detour lands us in the close proximity of our park which is good. Well done, Mr Navigator!

At our lovely campground, Hickory Creek Park, we look closer as we set up our house. There is a 3 inch scratch on the hard rubber guard around the wheel well. We stop again in amazement and wonder. We know what we heard and there is no way that all that came from a scratch. We both know that the Hand of the Lord was on us this day and we are beyond grateful!