Montana Connections

Nicole in BoliviaWe interacted with some interesting people in Montana, some new connections and some reconnections. I enjoyed reconnecting with one of the teammates I went to Bolivia with on our Engineers Without Borders trip. Nicole Mosby had relocated to Helena for a new job opportunity shortly after our trip to Suncallo and we maintained sporadic email contact through the years so when our route to Glacier took us close it seemed like an opportune time to reconnect.

As fate would have it Nicole accepted a transfer to Missoula within the engineering company she works for and that made it even simpler as Missoula is the closest “big city” to Darby, about an hour north. We had a great time catching up and sharing over breakfast one Sunday morning and asked Nicole to come down some weekend and see where we were staying. She was able to do so before we left and we got to spend more time together and take in the Apple Festival in Hamilton. Being with her again made me realize how much I missed interacting with her.

A new connection we made was Dan Nelson in Helena. We went up to meet with him on a recommendation from Wendell (a family friend of the Taylors) and look at a new energy balancing technology he is developing. Dan is a physicist with a deep interest in quantum mechanics and has created some fascinating mathematical patterns related to the bodies energy systems. It’s a little hard to explain but essentially it is a revolutionary way to approach the balance, flow and distribution of energy in the body. It could be said that it acts as an energetic form of acupuncture. Dan demonstrated the technology on each of us and we both saw significant improvements over the next few weeks.

We also met Dave Burner, a local resident of Darby who is the retired CEO of BF Goodrich Aerospace, and had some interesting conversations on the local economy. Tamara Rackam, a very talented local massage therapist who also taught us some basic principles in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) which is another energy balancing modality. And many other folks who were guests at the resort.