No Greater Treasure

It is the middle of the night. A storm is brewing over the mountains and the occasional fighting of two wind currents is taking place. This, of course, causes WIND! Here, that means BIG gusts! I am still adjusting to all the sounds of the city when the wind blows so hard and howls down the streets. Not like the wind of the Iowa landscape, blowing mightily through the hollows and over the cornfield. The neighbors garbage can sliding haphazardly down the concrete street has a different affect on the senses. So I find myself here, awake, thinking ‘outloud’ about life and relationships, tomorrow being my last day at CHICO’S. Atleast for now.

I think of many of you whom I have not spoken with for sometime and wonder how you are. How was your Christmas? Are you well? How is God pouring into your lives and growing you? I ask God to richly bless you and bring you closer to Him and His plan and purpose for your life. I wander over to see if my lovely daughter has written any recent thoughts on her blog. I have seen her very little of late as we are both working retail and until three weeks ago, were both working two jobs. Time together has been precious but sparse. Her blog often helps me keep my finger on her heartbeat.

There, in Kristina’s entry of December 27, I read one of the greatest things that a Mom can ever read. A tribute of sorts to what we have become. Adults. Friends. This daughter who has walked through things in the last 6 months that a Mom wishes she did not have to face. Ever. She could not be the woman that she has become, though, without these challenges. Heartbreak on level after level. Job disappointments. Relationship challenges with men and women, a couple people she has stood fast with through thick and thin. Those relationships gone, it would appear from her life. Working with difficult people. Learning what her limitations and boundaries are and what they have to become. She has seen grace as none I have seen previously. We have watched her blossom and become a beautiful, solid woman through it all.

Some have stood back and questioned what she has done or how we have supported her but as we have walked shoulder to shoulder with her, we have all grown into more solid, wise, and loving people. Thank you , Kristina, for allowing us the honor and priviledge to speak into your life, to love you, and to pour God’s wisdom into you. I know that I speak for both of us as I say, it has been an unbelievable time for us as your parents. We have thanked God over and over for this time in our lives to be available for both you and Josh; watching you grow. He has provided in ways we never could have imagined and allowed us time that would have been impossible had we both been working full time jobs as WE planned. This last 6 months still boggles my mind and I give Him glory for it all!

Yes, Kristina, it was a truly wonderful Christmas! Full of heart gifts we will treasure long after the Earthly gifts are gone. We are truly a blessed, very rich family and I thank God continually for all He has provided for us! You, dear Daughter, are one of those great treasures and ‘raising you’ has been a blessing to my life. I love you and look forward to ALL that God has for you in this next chapter. I know that 2005 will be an even greater year than 2004 if we just continue to seek His face and delight in His Word. You have come through the fire like fine gold and as the dross is burned up, your beauty shines even greater. Thank you, Dear Kristina, for your loving words. I will cherish them always. You are truly ‘the cream of the crop’ and I count it an honor to be known as ‘Kristina’s Mom’. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming……………Oh, thank you, as well as, you are very welcome.